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  • 2009.8.13
    release date
    Written by Bang Si-hyuk, who has been working well with Baek Ji-young, "Candy to My Ears" is a song that drew attention as 2PM Ok Taek-yeon participated as a featured artist.

    Ok Taek-yeon was also involved in music videos and music broadcasts as well as featuring.
  • 2020.8.14
    Release date
    It is an electronic pop song with a rhythmical yet dreamy atmosphere, and the heavy base and the ever-increasing composition leave a strong impression.

    It sings of a strong attraction to a new world that unknowingly falls into, and Wonho's delicate vocals also attract attention.
  • 2021.8.17
    Release date
    Actor Ko Min-si appears in the music video, and in the video, Gray records the song to be sent to Ko Min-si all day and shows a man in love.
  • 2021.8.17
    Release date
    Retro-style sound creates an exciting atmosphere.

    GRAY and Loco's sophisticated rap and Lee Hi's soulful voice captivate the ears.
  • 2018.8.19
    Release date
    It is a delicate and beautiful melody composed by Sung Si-kyung, written by Shim Hyun-bo, and it contains a heartbreaking love story that covers the loneliness hidden behind the emotion of love.

    In the meantime, Sung Si-kyung's emotions, which brought out sweet ballads, were expressed in a calm and lonesome way by Yang Hee-eun, who had different tones and singing styles.

    Sung Si-kyung's song, which seems easy to sing but is difficult, is a song in a large range of tones, and Yang Hee-eun reveals delicate emotions with a deep voice of experience and sincerely unravels various slopes of life.
  • 2020.8.20
    release date
    "Tes-hyung!" (Tes- Bro) is a Korean trot song composed, written and sung by Na Hoon-a.

    It was included in Na Hoon-a's ninth full-length album, "The Nine Tales," released on August 20, 2020, and it drew attention from netizens by calling Socrates 'hyung' and asking about life, love, and the time and time that flows.

    Na Hoon-a sang the song in front of the public for the first time on "Korea Again Na Hoon-a," which aired on KBS2 on Chuseok in 2020.
  • 2019.8.20
    Release Date
    It is a small prop song composed only of pianist Kim Jung-won's performance and Kim Dong-ryul's voice.

    The fond but restrained melody reminiscent of German songs shines even more with Kim Jung-won's beautiful piano performance, which emphasizes classical language.

    Kim Dong-ryul was mindful of Kim Jung-won's performance, who has also been his friend for 20 years since he first started working on the song, so he completed the arrangement and recording after a long exchange with Kim Jung-won, who readily accepted it.
  • 2019.8.23
    release date
    "I Can Feel Your Shampoo Scent in the Shaking Flowers" is a song about a man who has a crush on him.

    In particular, it contains the early busker sentiment and is deeply moved by Jang Beom-jun's unique soft and warm voice.

    The song is also an addictive melody that anyone can easily sing along with, and it is even more meaningful as Jang Beom-jun participated in the OST composition for the first time.

    Jang Beom-jun said he did not use falsetto to make songs that were easy for the characters to sing during the work.
  • 2021.8.24
    Release date
    Been raised and activities in the environment and been born in Korea, overcoming prejudice, and contains a strong ego, ego to not stop.

    The song symbolically shows the attitude and values that the character Cial has shown over the past 13 years.

    CL's sharp rapping, which appears with a heavy base drum, instantly makes you fully immersed.
  • 2021.8.25
    Release date
    From the beginning to the end, the traditional trot itself competes with a clean and clean authentic trot sound without any fusion elements.

    It's a song that gives you a sense of humor that shows the cheerful rhythm, brass, seamless background vocals, and the straightforwardness of our life history that only authentic trot can express.

    I hope it will be a time for you to find things around you that can comfort you in the joys and sorrows of your life.
  • 2021.8.26
    Release date
    It is an acoustic guitar sound-based song, and in order to maximize the emotional line, the grandeur of the orchestra was added in the second half to complete a deep emotional Lee Mujin-pyo ballad.

    It contains a message that we hope to confirm each other's deep love and be together until the far future through the encounter, quarrel, separation and reunion of our beloved lovers.
  • 2021.8.26
    Release date
    It's a ballad song about parting with an old lover who is still struggling after a breakup, who meets another person who covers and loves the painful wounds as warmly as when he first met an old lover.

    Now that I have met someone who truly loves me, I want to be as happy as before.
  • 2019.8.27
    Release Date
    The title "LALALAY" and confident lyrics are derived from our instrument taepyeongso, which is placed throughout the music, showing a distinct presence.

    The taepyeongso is a special instrument that makes different sounds depending on the performer.

    Sunmi, who found the identity of the song in the taepyeongso, where the voice itself becomes a signature according to the player with a small body, chose the title "LALALAY," a different word for taepyeongso, and in her own lyrics, she transformed it into "LALALALAY," "I NAWHTY," "Captain" and "NALLA."

    The performance of Taepyeongso, who led the musical concept of the new song "LALALAY," was participated by Lee Il-woo, a member of the band Jambinai, who is expanding the original music world based on our traditional music.
  • 2019.8.28
    Release date
    I'm sorry I'm busy.

    I'm sorry for the bad.

    I'm sorry I got to say sorry.

    I'm sorry to break your heart.
  • 2019.9.4
    Release date
    For some, it's a very small thing, but for others, it can be very hurtful. It probably showed a completely different behavior from the conversation we had while building trust. Even if I try to forget from time to time, my trust in behavior that is different from what I knew is broken, and the wound reverses all the words of the person. Then in the end, the only thing a wounded person can say is "break up."

    This is the second collaboration with emotional producer Junky, who worked together on [I'm burdened] that was loved by the public. It is a song that continues the feelings of one person who has no choice but to say goodbye after countless worries, and I hope many people will listen and sympathize with the emotions of the song, which is composed with a soft but deep appeal of emotional melody line and Whee In.