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  • 2018.9.4
    Release date
    I'm not beautiful in your fantasy.

    It is a song inspired by the mythical mermaid 'Siren', and a tense siren sound and dreamy voice lead the mood of the song.

    In the second half, a sharp voice and strong, heavy bass sound mark the peak of the song.
  • 2013.9.5
    release date
    A song that has easy-to-follow melodies and straightforward lyrics. It starts with a minor atmosphere and turns into a bright, cheerful, money-code chorus.
  • 2020.9.7
    release date
    It is a synth-wave genre song with a tense rhythm and newtro sound, and Taemin's sensual vocals are added to the lyrics that conceptually incorporate the fatal charm of the opponent, who can't escape even if he wants to escape, under the theme of "Stokholm Syndrome," creating a feeling of watching a movie.
  • 2021.9.7
    Release date.
    Baek Ah-yeon's empathic medium tempo song, which anyone who claims to be a homebody or a homebody will nod their heads if they are not doing anything but want to do anything more intensely because they are tired of their busy and hard daily lives.

    The classic string sound that catches the ears from the intro of "What if You Don't Want to Do Anything" is impressive.

    In addition, Jazzy voice and colorful melodies added to the song's uniqueness.
  • 2017.9.8
    award day
    The song won the Korean Wave Drama Theme Award at the 2017 Seoul Drama Awards for its tvN drama 'Guardian' OST.

    It is a symbolic song that has turned Ailee's existing image almost 180 degrees.

    It starts with a soft singing style that Ailee has not shown in her previous songs, and sings in a mournful and mournful manner to suit the ballad atmosphere.
  • 2017.9.8
    Release date
    It is an acoustic ballad song that harmonizes the comfortable guitar sound with Yoona's sweet and clear voice.

    "Yoona" participated in the lyrics and captured beautiful and happy memories with her loved ones.
  • 2019.9.10
    release date
    My dry skin, dark circles that come down to my chin, and I find myself reflected in the mirror while being too absorbed in my work. 'I'm gonna hit him.

    We all live similar lives, but among them, "Workaholic" lives are somehow empty and boring. It's a song like a message to tired walkaholic who is more likely to hit the world than others.

    It contains the emotions of 25 years of puberty that I want to live only today, and it has a variety of sounds, including the introduction of repeated rhythmical mute guitar and bass guitar riffs, the free chorus part of the combination of organ and acoustic guitar, and the string line, rhythm guitar and big drum in the second half.
  • 2019.9.10
    release date
    I feel like I can be a better person in our relationship, which is now not at my disposal.

    It is a song expressing regret and longing after a hasty breakup, and as you can see in the message "XX," it feels like acknowledging the relationship between the two, which cannot be reversed, and the mood of the medium tempo lonely song, sad lyrics, and the melody of the emotional vocal line continue to ring in your ears.
  • 2021.9.10
    Release date.
    The combination of provocative brass leaves and dynamic rhythms reminiscent of sirens brings tension and excitement to the listener.

    In addition, the unique rhythm of the word "LALISA" is musically used to provide a witty chorus line.

    In particular, the constantly changing arrangement composition, the visual contrast of "black" and "pink" hidden throughout the lyrics, the tense auditory elements, and dynamic rap create more intense synergy.
  • 2021.9.12
    Release date.
    It is a song that unravels the feelings of a person who feels that parting is just around the corner.

    Looking at the other person who seems to say it's over right away, it contains a lyrical melody that wants to be with him a little more and hold on.

    It is expected that the intro, which seems to be speaking calmly, will pass and the mournful but calm voice will blend with the melody of the guitar and string, touching many people's hearts.
  • 2019.9.17
    Release Date
    His real name is Park Young-ki and he gained popularity with the song "Let's Have a Drink".

    After working as an Army Special Forces soldier for 15 years, he wanted to sing, so he/she debuted with his/her 2019 single album "Let's Have a Drink".
  • 2018.9.19
    release date
    Unlike the ballads Lim Chang-jung has been playing, R&B and POP genres have been combined with benchmarking and Lim Chang-jung-style ballads to create a mysterious feeling. Lim Chang-jung's efforts to challenge a new color of ballads will be seen, and it will also bring fresh shock to fans who like Lim's songs. The lonely acoustic guitar in the first half of the song leads the first half of the song, doubling the grandeur with the performance of the Irish orchestra and Lim Chang-jung's vocals in a perfect harmony.
  • 2017.9.22
    release date
    " I've always wanted to remake this song. I heard about Kim Gun-mo's vocal range, and I was prepared to some extent, but throughout the recording, I was surprised several times, saying, "Wow, this can't be right.""
  • 2021.9.27
    Release date.
    The monologue-type lyrics honestly contain the hope that the other person will not forget him or her after the breakup.

    In particular, the sorrowful tone of Taeyeon of Girls' Generation, who participated in the delicate singing and featuring of height, fascinates the ears.
  • 2021.9.27
    Release date.
    It is a pop dance song with intense synth sound and thrilling beat that creates a retro mood.

    The lyrics are impressive, tragically expressing the appearance of being broken by the nightmare love of one's own choice but not letting go of the other.