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  • 2017.9.28
    release date
    As you can feel from the title, 'Please fix it' is a cute confession that all you can fix is your bright smile and love. The refreshing guitar sound leads the song overall, and the rhythmic performance of the drum and bass stands out. It features a simple melody and popular elements that you get used to once you listen to it.
  • 2017.9.28
    release date
    As soon as I wake up in the morning, your face pops up. I feel like I'm getting caught in your heart, so I shake my head quickly. I don't get any contact today until the sun sets. All day long, only the silent chat window comes and goes. But I still like you, and I want to tell you that I like you even if my cheeks turn red.

    Expression is an important factor in love. "I'm going to flirt with you" is a song that is full of puberty by frankly expressing one's feelings rather than pushing and pulling on someone you like. The rhythm of the intro, the intro, and the chorus are different, so you can feel various and diverse configurations like you like the other person.
  • 2021.9.29
    Release date.
    It is a confident lyric that sends a lover who is blind to others, saying that he will not be able to meet a person like himself.

    It is a song that harmonizes powerful and delicate CL's vocals and unique chewy rapping.

    It seems to be about love, but it is also a song that can be enjoyed by substituting musician CL.
  • 2019.9.30
    release date
    So I didn't go anywhere, and I stamped my name with my company.

    Zico dismisses a flurry of new questions since the company's establishment as the first word in the introduction.

    Starting with an analog real drum filin, the intro of the synth loop of cheerful yet subtle Boysing, the main theme that changes boldly but naturally depending on the composition, and the rapping of the three musicians with unpredictable combinations immerse the listeners without realizing the long running time of four minutes.

    Featuring included Indigo Music's Jvcki Wai, who is drawing attention for his unique style and musicality, and Yeomta, who is rapidly emerging as the hottest rapper in the recent scene.
  • 2019.9.30
    release date
    Assuming today is the last day given to you, is there anywhere you can go without hesitation?'

    Woo Ji-ho, a human who faced boredom and loneliness only when he reached the end of his 20s, is not his own story, but our story. His big and small sighs as one weak person, not an entertainer, are enough to arouse sympathy from everyone living in the contemporary era.

    It is a song that shows Zico singing and rapping in various tones according to the emotion line amid a harmless atmosphere of simple code progression and minimal rhythm, contrasting with his previous rough and colorful looks.
  • 2019.10.1
    release date
    "Shall we?" is a retro pop song that combines a sophisticated mood created by a familiar yet trendy standard pop arrangement with romantic melodies and emotional lyrics.

    The lyrics contained the honest and affectionate heart of a man who didn't want to part with his opponent late at night, and Chen's mature vocals added to the song's charm.
  • 2002.10.2
    release date
    Jang Na-ra made her debut on May 2, 2001 with her first album 'Bury her face in tears.

    She topped his second album released in October 2002 with the title 'Sweet Dream' and the sequel 'Maybe love.' was loved by so many people.

    She won the K-pop awards at KBS, MBC and KMTV at the end of 2002 for her second album's smash hit, and swept the female singer awards at various music awards.

    From 2001 to the mid-2000s, when she made her debut, including dozens of best-priced CFs and drama characters, it was the time of the Jang Nara.

    Since then, she has also been a great singer in China, winning the 2003 Korean Artist of the Year Award, 2005 continent's Most Popular Singer Award, and Asia's Best Female Singer Award.

    The continent's most popular singer award is the most popular award that has been won in competition with all local singers.
  • 2020.10.6
    Release Date
    Someone who's done writing love would feel better if it was really love.

    Even if they had the same form of love in the time they spent together,

    And as opposed to a man who works endlessly in love, you're just casually receiving the other person's heart.

    Relationships between people can be formed.

    "While We Love" is written from the perspective of an unconditional loved one.

    It's a song about regret that comes from the heart that we couldn't love you more and do our best.

    It is enough for listeners to feel restrained sadness and emotion with the sorrow of Ailee, the top female vocalist in Korea, and the explosive high notes at the same time.
  • 2019.10.7
    release date
    It's hard to easily understand, but the easiest things to understand were my or someone's mind, and I tried to capture the stories that led to a new mind.

    Please listen to it comfortably.
  • 2021.10.7
    Release date.
    It is a semi-trot song with a cheerful house rhythm and sophisticated brass.

    As can be seen from the title of the song, it contains a message of comfort and support for those who are having a hard time with COVID-19.

    It is an attractive song that lingers in your ears even once you hear the lyrics touching the sorrows and sorrows of life, exciting melody, and addictive chorus.

    It is easy to sing along, so it is expected that another "national trot song" will be born.
  • 2013.10.8
    Release date
    The song was completed inspired by Andersen's fairy tale, "The Red Shoes," which states that wearing red shoes will continue to dance regardless of one's will.

    Based on the big band swing sound of the 1930s, it melts classic and vintage elements in one place, adding to expectations.

    In order to maximize the feeling of classical swing in the 1930s, the session was also recorded with the best big band members in Japan under the direction of Toyama Kazuhiko, the master of drama, animation, and musical music, and it was completed with Lee Min-soo's unique dramatic development and sophisticated chorus.
  • 2018.10.10
    release date
    It is an alternative R&B-style song that contains a pleasant and concise warning message thrown at people who cross the line rudely in relation.

    It is a song that can be a story of all modern people living now, when healthy relationships between equal and independent individuals, which do not control or define others by their own standards, are more important than ever.
  • 2019.10.13
    release date
    If you endure the winter, flowers must bloom and trees must grow.

    Love seems to be the same.

    It's a painful breakup right now, but it's not the end of it.

    Love comes, as if promised, as planned.

    All the pain I've been through in my life,

    It's just a preparation for a better next step.
  • 2016.10.16
    release date
    Ailee (real name: Lee Ye-jin) is a second-generation Korean-American.

    Even before his debut, he was already famous for having huge American fans, posting videos of his pop song Cover on YouTube, dubbed '10 million-view girl'.

    'I'll Show You' is the representative song on Ailee's first mini-album.
  • 2020.10.19
    release date
    It has a sad and heartbreaking love story and is a catchy, addictive song.

    The prelude, which starts with the sound of rain and the piano, makes listeners fall into emotion, and the climax of the chorus created by Im Chang-jung's unrivaled high-pitched voice maximizes the sadness of leaving the loved one.

    It is another masterpiece created by the hit maker duo "Im Chang-jung," "The Boar," and rookie producer "Wolf," which has been together for a long time, with the participation of the nation's top sessions to create the best quality.