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  • 2020.11.6
    Release date
    The Jeju language of love, "Sorang," was composed and arranged by Cho Dong-hee, who created "When My Loneliness Call You," and Cho Dong-ik, a partner in music and life.

    A song that contains the scent of clear and peaceful Jeju rather than directly mentioning Jeju.

    When it is not easy to travel abroad, I want to sing about the precious experience of sharing precious time with my beloved beings, such as lovers, friends, and family, and cherish the nature of Jeju.
  • 2019.11.8
    release date
    A life where everything has stopped since we broke up. A man left behind from a loved one is as insignificant as he was special to someone.It's bound to be a loser.

    Through a low, calm voice and deaf lyrics above the warm Arpeggio melody, Zico portrays a person shuddering with longing.

    It feels like it's repeating somewhere, but you can see his meticulous intentions in the lyrics and arrangements that change little by little depending on the emotional line.

    Zico's recent attention to the pure voice of new artist Daun is also noteworthy.
  • 2019.11.8
    release date
    It is a song that describes 'I' as a balloon, exaggerating oneself just to be recognized and rising high.

    A low voice casually heard on a lofi track, where nylon guitar and noise effects are balanced, evokes a sense of blackness.

    You can see his musical spectrum, which is wider in the composition of the minimalist song compared to his previous works.
  • 2018.11.8
    release date
    Huh Gak sang the emotional line after the painful break-up between the songs.

    The song is calm and wailing, but it doesn't end with regret, but now it contains a lot of overwhelming emotions, including a heart that can be sent naturally.

    We were not very busy nor tried to forget, but the common parting, which is slowly forgotten in our natural daily lives over time, is not the life we live in, the life we love.

    If you are reminded of the moment of parting after hearing this song, carefully say that it is okay now if you are not heartbroken, and I hope you don't go into the pain.
  • 2020.11.9
    release date
    Taemin is a Korean singer.

    He is a member of SM Entertainment's boy groups SHINee and SuperM, and is the youngest, sub-vocal and main dancer in SHINee.

    The title track of the solo album, "Idea," is a dance pop song where you can meet Taemin's charming vocals and performances.
  • 2018.11.12
    release date
    Jennie's first wing move to the sky as a solo artist.

    "SOLO" is a hip-hop song with proper pop elements, featuring sophisticated production and songwriting of "TEDDY" and "24."

    The straightforward and straightforward lyrics added above the beautiful code and concise melody line of the intro naturally concentrate the listener, and the strong Bass and addictive lead sound of the DROP Part, which reverses the rising energy as it develops, further accentuates the two aspects of Jenny's exterior and inner co-existing weak girl and independent strong woman.
  • 2020.11.13
    Release date
    House rhythm and analog synthesizer sound create a dreamy atmosphere, and the lyrics written by Choi Kang-min express the comfort of hope that he will overcome the loneliness and hopelessness he has given in the rest of his time with love.
  • 2019.11.15
    release date
    Where did my magical powers come from? Who's that voice calling me?

    One day a mysterious voice sings Elsa, and threatens the peaceful Arendelle kingdom.

    Troll tells us everything started in the past and advises us to leave in search of the secrets and truth of Elsa's power.

    Elsa and Anna, who have to save the endangered Arendelle kingdom, go on a perilous amazing adventure with Christophe, Olaf and Sven in search of the hidden past truth.

    Elsa, who was afraid of her own power, must now believe that she has enough power to get through this adventure...

    Break your fear and meet a new fate!
  • 2018.11.15
    release date
    You can't miss, you can't forget, you can't love.

    If you still don't know the real reason why you got dumped,
  • 2020.11.15
    release date
    Everyone feels that their breakup is special, but in the end, their separation is similar to the process and the flow of emotions.

    So many people live well after the hard experience. But the moment of parting is so unbearable.

    I hope I'm such an obvious, ordinary, common person at that very momentarily.

    Like countless farewells that time solves, singer Lee Seung-gi sings calmly, with an earnest desire to be such an obvious man.
  • 2019.11.18
    release date
    It is Electro pop-rock with a combination of Lee Jong-hoon, Lee Chae-kyu and IU, who showed a lively sound and balanced teamwork in "23.

    The combination of unique synth sauce and dynamic band sounds produced unique results.

    The music video is a trendy production of Knive Production, which has enhanced the completion of the project.
  • 2019.11.18
    release date
    It is a song of the Etonic fantasy genre that composer Lee Min-soo and IU met again.

    Actor Lee Hyun-woo, who was the male lead of the music video for "You and Me," once again acted in a more mature way.

    Hwang Soo-ah, the main character of the IU fantasy series, will be directing the music video again.

    Since the release of the teaser, fans who remember their images eight years ago have been highly anticipated.
  • 2020.11.18
    Release Date
    Power emotional ballad with unique synth sound and vocoder voice effect.
  • 2018.11.20
    Release date
    It is a song that contains a man's firm will to protect his love and life with her as a woman who is warm as sunlight is newly lodged in the heart of a man who wants to return to the past, filled with regret over his dark past love and life.
  • 2019.11.25
    release date
    It is a song that interprets the intense first encounter and process of the main characters in the movie, and features a more colorful atmosphere through Kang Daniel's performance.

    Starting with respect to pop sound, which was greatly loved in the 80s and 90s, the song combined each feature of various genres, including EDM, Rock, Pop and Dance, to create a rich sound, and focused on the powerful Bass of the chorus.