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  • 2020.3.27
    Professional Baseball Opening Day
    ♡ Cheering songs for each professional baseball team

    1. Kia– Southbound Train
    2. Doosan- to Win
    3. NC-Masan Styria
    4. LG-Victory Song
    5. Nexen-ethnic aria
    6. Lotte-Busan seagull
    7. SK-Yeonan Pier
    8. HanWha -I am happy.
    9. Samsung-Comon Filder noise
    10. KT-Passion and Passion
  • 1988.4.1
    release date
    ♡ When he was a high school student at Seoul's Seorabeol High School, he won the end-of-month competition at "KBS Singing Contest".

    1978, "TBC Beach.He participated as a vocalist and guitarist of the vocal duo "The Gentlemen" and made his debut by winning the Popularity Award for his self-composed song "The Beach."

    The following year, he formed the rock band "Lee Chi-hyun and Friends" in 1979 and began his career in the K-pop scene in earnest. Some of the representative songs are Nanmola, Night of Remembrance, Before Gaga, You Only, Sadness of Love, and Gypsy Woman.
  • 1985.4.10
    release date
    ♡ He started his career in the 8th U.S. Army in 1969, and officially debuted in 1979 with "Women Outside the Window."

    It has numerous hit songs, the largest concert mobilization record in Korea, and the Seoul Arts Center's seventh consecutive year of performances.
  • 1986.4.15
    release date
    ♡ Na Hoon-a established himself as a singer-songwriter with her ability to compose and write lyrics, along with her appealing voice and timeless production of hit songs, and became called the "living legend of the K-pop scene" in the early 1990s.

    Since its debut, it has recorded about 2,500 songs and released more than 200 albums, including 19 full-length albums, and estimates that Na Hoon-a wrote or composed more than 800 songs.
  • 1999.4.15
    release date
    ♡ Kim Beom-soo's debut song is the title track of his first album, "A Promise," released in 1999.

    The lyrics are about a man who broke up with his lover due to unavoidable circumstances.

    I received vocal training from Park Sun-joo and made my debut in April 1999 and became very popular.

    As a faceless singer for a while, he did not appear on TV at all.

    In 2000, the English version of 'Hello Good-bye Hello' entered No. 51 on the Billboard sales chart and was named on the global singing stage.
  • 2000.4.18
    release date
    It released its second full-length album, Rouge, on April 18, 2000.

    The title track "Dash" topped various music charts, with record sales hitting about 360,000.

    The follow-up song "Sad Salsa" also gained huge popularity, contributing to the Salsa dance craze in South Korea.
  • 2020.5.2
    Broadcasting day
    ♡ 'Don't Forget' is the OST for the 2009 hit drama 'Iris'.

    'Lara Benito' from Spain has gained a lot of popularity by singing in Korean and Spanish in the Global Singer Project - Topgoal Rhapsody.
  • 1987.5.7
    release date
    Starting with the KBS Song Awards' Rookie of the Year award in 1986, Kim won the Artist of the Year award five times in a row from 1987 to 1991.

    Kim Wan-sun, who created the modifier "Madonna of Korea" since her debut in 1986, opened "The Age of Teen Idol Star," "The Age of Real Dance Music," and "The Age of Seeing Music."

    In the history of Korean pop music, it is considered to be the beginning of a modern-day female dance singer.
  • 1984.5.18
    release date
    ♡ Bingle Bingle is a song by South Korean singer Nami.

    In the 1980s, it was the first song that came to mind, one of the favorite songs of the people's karaoke rooms, remade by T-ara, Baek Ji-young, and Yoon Do-hyun Band, and was also featured as an OST for the movie Sunny.

    He became famous in the 1980s and is famous as a dance singer who hit dance songs such as 'Bingle Bingle' and 'Like Indian Dolls.

    There was a time when Nami and Boomboom were active, and one of the two members of Boomboom was DJ Chul (real name Shin Chul).
  • 2020.5.23
    Broadcasting day
    ♡ Global Singer Project - Topgol Rhapsody

    Maya's jindallaekkot (azalea flower), sung by Anna from Russia in Korean and Russian.
  • 1990.6.2
    release date
    The song, "Like an Indian Doll," which was released in 1989 after forming a boom boom boom with Nami, became a mega hit, making rabbit dance, bowl hair, and oversized clothes popular.

    Nami is said to have been familiar with music since childhood because her father had a record shop in front of the U.S. military unit in Dongducheon.

    In a husky voice with a nasal voice, you're active from the 1980s to the early 90s, and you're acting like an indian doll, 'eternal friend', 'Sad connection', 'Don't tempt me.I'm leaving you.', 'Unjeong Go Woonjung', 'Last greeting', 'Love is a strange thing', 'Is it hateful or missful', 'Season' and so on were all the hits and received a lot of love.
  • 1985.6.5
    release date
    Dokdo is our land is in 1982, by Jung Kwang-tae sang the songs of the Republic of Korea. Dokdo for a song.

    Since 1996 and Sections 5 to the lyrics were published in the elementary school textbooks, Dokdo song to build.

    Jung Kwang-tae sang the doing lecture tours by elementary school, and make permanent address in 1998, Dokdo, Dokdo and actively pursued their associated activities.
  • 1985.6.10
    release date
    The first TBC beach in 1978 as a member of the second Blacktetra.He participated in the festival and won the Excellence Prize for his song "Cloud and I."

    From 1981 to 1985, he was the lead vocalist of the Songgolmae.

    Songs such as " Heenari" and "Open the Door," which were released after Songgolmae's withdrawal, became popular.

    The original version of "Gihe Poong-wu," a song by Hee Na-ri, was also featured in the Hong Kong film "Hero's Original Color."
  • 1988.6.15
    Release date
    Byun Jin-seop - King of Ballads

    Born in Seoul in 1966, Byun Jin-seop began his music career as a fifth-term member of the club "Talmud" when he attended Kyunghee University, and made his debut in the entertainment industry in 1987 by participating in the MBC Rookie Song Festival.

    It's the first album released in 1988, and it's too late."Like birds" "All I can give you is love" became a hit, setting a record of 1.8 million albums sold albums.

    Byun Jin-seop is considered a singer who upgraded Korean pop songs to the next level.
  • 1995.7.5
    broadcast day
    Kim Gun-mo's third album and title track of the same name released in 1995. At first, the song, which promoted 'Beautiful Goodbye' as the title track but had no promotion at all, suddenly gained huge popularity.

    It's one of the legendary hits in the K-pop scene, and along with 'Pinggye', it's a symbolic song that comes to mind when you think of Kim Gun-mo.

    The title of "Immortal Songs" is not a waste at all.