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  • 1985.1.25
    release date
    ☆ Lee Sun-hee and Lim Sun-gyun, her senior students of the same department, participated in the fifth episode in 1984 and sang "To J" in a team called "Act Four, Act Five."

    She won the Golden Cup for five consecutive weeks in KBS' "Top Ten Songs" and won her first three awards at the 1984 KBS Rookie of the Year award, the 1984 MBC 10 Rookie of the Year award, and the 10 Rookie of the Year award.

    Lee Sun-hee's homepage ▶ https://www.leesunhee.com
  • 1988.2.1
    release date
    ☆Yang Su-kyung is the 'Ballad Queen' representing 8090s.

    She graduated from Seoul Traditional Arts High School and Seoul National University of Arts and appeared on KBS's new singer-discovery program, "The New Stage," in 1987.

    Since 1988, she has worked as a model for commercials and advertisements along with her singing career.

    Starting with the first album 'Leaving Heart', hit songs include 'Love is like rainwater outside the window', 'You're outer', 'You Can't Look' You', 'Where's Love's Cold Temptation', 'Where's the End of the Farewell' and so on.

    It also gained huge popularity in Korea, ranking first in K-pop Top Ten for more than five weeks, and in 1991, it went overseas and won many awards including Japan's NHK Asia's Top Five Star Awards and ABU's Popular Song Festival.
  • 1980.2.10
    release date
    ☆ Yun Si-nae is a singer who worked as a diva in the K-pop scene, releasing many hit songs such as "Love," "Gomok," "Thousand," "To DJ," "Let's Study," and "I Want to Get Away from You."
  • 1987.2.11
    release date
    ☆ Shim Soo-bong participated to 1978 MBC College Song Festival as a student at Myongji University, competed with prominent participants such as Bae Cheol-su, Noh Sa-yeon, and Im Baek-cheon with <The one the time> by her own composition and lyrics.

    Although Shim did not win a prize at the festival, she gained attention from the public for her unusual career in the first trot genre at the college singing festival, and she first stepped into the music scene with trot, not with the jazz music she studied.
  • 1982.2.17
    release date
    ☆ He made his debut by winning the gold prize at the National Wind 81 in 1981, and enjoyed high popularity in the early 1980s.

    He used to wear big gold-rimmed glasses and surprised people with his explosive singing ability,
  • 1987.2.20
    release date
    ♡ [Kim Ki-pyo's lyricist & Composing]

    The seven-member band "Emergency Gate" is a rock group that was active in the 1980s, led by Lee Dong-shin, the husband of the trot singer Joo Hyun-mi.
  • 1972.2.25
    release date
    ♡ One of the biggest hits and the debut song of Korean singer Cho Yong-pil. And it is one of the songs that symbolize Busan Metropolitan City.

    It is a song written and composed by Cho Yong-pil by Hwang Sun-woo, and was released in 1972.

    The brothers in the lyrics refer to Korean residents in Japan, and it became very popular in the 1970s as a song of the time that emphasized brotherhood.
  • 1982.2.28
    release date
    ♡ The Busan seagull is still called the Lotte Giants' cheering song along with "Come Back to Busan Port."

    In particular, thanks to the song, the nickname of the Lotte Giants club has also been cemented to be 'Busan seagull'.

    Coincidentally, the city's urban symbol bird has been solidified into a song symbolizing Busan thanks to the seagulls.
  • 1988.3.2
    Release Date
    Singer Kim Ji-ae started singing because she caught the eye of Lee Mi-ja, a living legend of Korean trot music.

    Kim Ji-ae, who used to work as Muleya' and 'Moomyeongcho', was ranked at the top with the explosive popularity of 'Mean Person' composed by singer Jeon Young-rok.
  • 1985.3.10
    release date
    ♡ In 1982, he participated in the Yeonpo Song Festival as a vocalist of the vocal duo Bin Surre and won the Excellence Prize for his self-composed song "Late."

    After that, he became very popular when he made his solo debut in 1985 with his own song "Wind Wind Wind Wind" from his first solo album.

    In 1985, he won the KBS Song Award for Best New Artist, and in 1986, he won the Top 10 Artist Award at MBC and KBS.
  • 1987.3.10
    release date
    ♡ Jeon Young-rok was born in Seoul in 1954 as the second son between then South Korean actor Hwang Hae-hyun and singer Baek Seol-hee.

    He made his debut in 1971 when he appeared on the CBS radio program "Young Festival."

    At first, he debuted as a movie actor after his father, and later became a singer because he was fluent in various fields such as composing and writing lyrics. He was a middle school classmate with comedian Lee Hong-ryul, and actor Lee Duk-hwa was also three years senior to his elementary school and a second-generation celebrity.

    He was one of the most active singers in the 1980s, and his representative songs include "Write Love in Pencil," "Paperology," "It must be still a dark night," and "Bulti."

    He also appeared in various movies and acted as an actor, and his representative works include "Dolai".
  • 1985.3.15
    release date
    ♡ The title track of the first album, "Rainy Yeongdonggyo," received the Rookie of the Year award for the first time with a good response from the public, but I thought the singer's path would not last long.

    Contrary to expectations, however, "The Burse of Tears" (Jeong Eun-yi/South Korean/Kim Yong-nyeon) and "The Person in Shinsadong" (Jeong Eun-yi/South Korean/Kim Yong-nyeon) became a hit series in 1986 and became a traditional trot singer by winning the top 10 and best singer awards.

    In the 1980s, Hanbal De Na-ah became a female singer representing the Korean music industry and was called the Big Three in the female trot world with Kim Soo-hee and Shim Soo-bong, performing and participating in producing various albums.
  • 1991.3.20
    release date
    ♡ Shin Hae-chul made a splendid debut in 1988 at the College Song Festival, appearing on the band 'Infinite Track' and winning the grand prize with 'Dear You'.

    In 1990, he released his first solo album and rose to stardom with hits such as 'Don't look sad', 'Jazz Cafe' and 'You in the Deep of My Heart'.

    In 1992, he formed the band Next and continued his music experiment, starting with his first album with masterpieces such as 'Doll Knight' and 'Cityin Throughout his career, he was loved by fans for his new music and social messages.

    Shin Hae-chul suddenly passed away on October 27, 2014. He was hospitalized with cardiac arrest a few days after undergoing intestinal stenosis, but died of hypoxic ischemic brain damage.
  • 1980.3.20
    release date
    ♡ In 1980, the Earth Records released an album titled "Woman Out of the Window" in the world.

    A masterpiece with no song to throw away, such as "Short Hair," "One and Five Hundred Years," "Red Pepper Dragonfly," and "I hate you, I hate you," was born."

    It was also the first album to sell more than 1 million copies as a single album.

    That year, Cho Yong-pil received the most popular award given by TBC (KBS2 due to the consolidation of the media), and received the gold prize for "Women Outside the Window" on the Seoul National Festival.
  • 2020.3.27
    Professional Baseball Opening Day
    ♡ Cheering songs for each professional baseball team

    1. Kia– Southbound Train
    2. Doosan- to Win
    3. NC-Masan Styria
    4. LG-Victory Song
    5. Nexen-ethnic aria
    6. Lotte-Busan seagull
    7. SK-Yeonan Pier
    8. HanWha -I am happy.
    9. Samsung-Comon Filder noise
    10. KT-Passion and Passion