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  • 2019.6.28
    broadcast day
    A song where you can feel ITZY's energetic team color. ITZY's powerful rap and shouting are placed in the fun rap and impressive group singing section to revive the song's individuality and simultaneously unleash the members' potential.
  • 2019.7.29
    release date
    'ICY' is a "2019 Summer Song" that expresses a cold-looking exterior but full of passion inside.

    It shows the five members of ITZY, full of powerful dreams and confidence, coolly decorate the hot summer and head upward without hesitation.
  • 2020.8.17
    release date
    It is an exciting uptempo R&B dance song featuring strong saxophone sounds and fast beats, which honestly expresses the current feelings of falling in love without caring about the ending.

    It literally approaches and expresses in an ITZY-like way and gives you a refreshing feeling like a soft drink.

    The music video makes viewers' hearts beat with speeding scenes and gives them a thrilling pleasure with a group dance scene without error.
  • 2021.9.24
    Release date.
    "In the end, I fell in love with the feeling of love!"

    Those who seemed not to be thirsty for love confessed that they fell deeply in love.

    It is a song where you can meet a new side of ITZY that always does not lose its confidence based on faith in itself.
  • 2021.9.24
    Release date.
    "You're getting more obsessed with and interfering with every move I make!"

    The word "SWIPE"" expresses the feeling of lightly ignoring the other person, who is increasingly interfering and obsessing within a small cell phone.

    It is a song with a warning message that 'If we cross the line, we will stop here'
  • 2019.2.12
    release date
    ☆ 'Dalla Dalla' is a newly produced 'Fusion Groove' track that breaks the existing K-pop format and creates a unique combination with five members of a special personality. EDM, house and hip-hop are well mixed in this song.

    The lyrics are about respecting and loving 'I' which stands at the center of the world, and aim at the tastes of the individualities of this era in search of reason for existence and meaning.

    It has sounds and messages that will satisfy the public's expectation of 'Teen Crush', 'Girl Crush'.
  • 2020.3.9
    release date
    ☆Title track 'WANNABE' delivers the message 'one & only ME' that ITZY will show their own color without being tied to other people's standards.

    "I live my life anyway. Because it's mine.""No matter what anyone says, I just wanna be me." ITZY proudly shout that I'm the only one in my life, giving the listeners catharsis.
  • 2021.3.20
    Release Date
    A special fan song for our official fan club, "MIDZY".

    He talks about his affectionate love for his fans by giving them a sincere message that the reason for the team's existence is because of their strong faith.
  • 2021.4.30
    Release date
    In the mafia game, I added curiosity and uniqueness at the same time.

    It contains a confident message that he will approach with his feelings veiled and take the heart of his loved one.

    The music video also creates thrilling tension by portraying a high level of psychological warfare that takes place while hiding one's true self.