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  • 2018.5.18
    release date
    It's a fan song of bts's sincerity following '2! 3!"

    The youngest Jungkook participated in producing the song based on the future bass sound, and it was based on what RM told fans at fan meetings and concerts.

    Avoiding the hard-to-face reality, he finds a secret passage to a magic shop, and when he opens the door, he meets bts.

    The story is about members who are owners of the magic shop telling their stories of their experiences to fearful customers (fans).
  • 2018.5.18
    release date
    It is an urban trap genre where R&B sensibilities and modern trap sounds from the 90s, and DJ Swivel, who produced and mixed most of the Chainsmokers' songs, participated.

    Love is a maze of complicated relationships and choices, and where it should finally arrive is the exit of the maze.

    The story is that we can find each other's exit only when we trust and share each other.

    The members participated in writing the lyrics themselves, and "ARMY," who is giving a consistent love, expressed their hope that they will trust each other and not cross in the maze.
  • 2018.5.18
    release date
    Perhaps it is a song in the genre of "Emo Hip hop" that evokes an unusual gloom with a "Grunge Rock" guitar sound and groovy trap beat, and you can feel the darkness of bts.

    It is about realizing that love that I thought was fate was a lie. It is sad to express the emotion of parting with unique lyrics and sounds, but you can feel the energy unique to bts.
  • 2018.5.18
    release date
    It is an R&B genre based on Neo Soul, which shows the vocal appeal of V properly.

    RM's emotional lyrics, which describe the moment when he realizes he played a false self to gain love as cracks in the frozen lake, add to the song's immersion.

    British producer Charlie J. Perry, who produced Joja Smith's "Project 11" album, participated in the event to raise the level of perfection.
  • 2021.5.21
    Release date
    It is an addictive dance pop genre, featuring an ear-catching bass line and a refreshing synth sound from the beginning.

    It contains bts's cute confession that it will melt gently like butter and captivate you.