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  • 2015.11.30
    release date
    Here, 'the loneliest whale in the world'.

    so-called '52 Whale' Singing at a high frequency of 52 Hz, the whale can't talk to other ordinary whales that communicate at frequencies of 12-25 Hz.

    Nevertheless, the 52 whale continues to sing. Alone, steady.

    Born in a combination of 52 Whale and 'Alien', the song is as lonely and hard as a 52 Whale, but it melts the feelings of bts, who has no choice but to continue singing.

    In the early 2000s, the song was created with a high-pitched vocal sampling technique that allows users to feel the vibe of hip-hop, along with an old-school rhythm source, creating a lonely yet nostalgic feeling.
  • 2015.11.30
    release date
    Under the trendy sound and the calm performance of the nylon guitar, the delicate expression of the vocal line is attractive.

    Rap Monster's rapping, especially in the ending part, is a powerful force.

    It is a song that contains the confused emotions of youth, and depicts an image that seems to wander in a dream that you want to believe is reality.

    It has a more mature sensibility compared to the music bts has performed so far, raising expectations for what kind of music it will play in the future.
  • 2015.11.30
    release date
    The title track "RUN" is an impressive piece of electronic guitar with an Asian feel, continuing the dimness and intensity shown in "I NEED U," which was the title song of [Hwayangyeonhwa pt.1].

    'It's OK to fall over' and 'It's OK to get hurt' added a strong rock element to the lyrics that comforted oneself, creating a lyrical yet energetic song.

    The song expresses the concept of [Hwayangyeonhwa pt.2] most intensively, and Rap Monster, Suga, V, and Jungkook are listed on the composition credit, showing a more mature musical aspect.
  • 2015.11.30
    release date
    For young people, failure and frustration are nothing, and the more they do, the more they step up their efforts to move forward.

    It's an intense hip-hop song mixed with rock elements, and the hook of the rap-per-line shouting 'If you're about to bump, step harder'''NEVER MIND' brings out a strong shudder.

    You can also feel as if you are in the middle of a concert hall by using the sound of the actual bts concert.
  • 2018.12.1
    performance day
    [2018 Melon Music Awards MMA]

    bts (Korean Chinese character: 防彈少年團, English: bts) is a seven-member boy band of Big Hit Entertainment that debuted on June 13, 2013.

    The group name ' bts' means to protect their music and values by preventing prejudice and oppression in teenagers and twenties who have a hard time throughout their lives, just as bulletproof blocks bullets.
  • 2020.12.1
    Billboard 1st
    The first track and title track to open the album, "Life Goes On," is a song in the genre of alternative hip-hop featuring emotional acoustic guitar sounds.

    It's a song that delivers a message of comfort, "Life continues" in the face of an unwanted situation where you have to run hard and stop, and you can feel the unique charm of bts singing in a low- and medium-pitched voice.

    The sincere lyrics that anyone can relate to add to the heavy echo of bts, further touching their hearts.
  • 2020.12.28
    Release date
    It was produced imagining bts as a singer and contains the joys and sorrows of top stars who have to go on stage right away while exhausting themselves.

    The fate that Yoon Jong-shin talks about through "Destiny" is not a innate fate, but a fate that is discovered through experience.

    It is not about realizing one's destiny early on and living with it, but about confirming one's fate by venturing into certain opportunities that one will meet in life.

    The story is about being willing to expose yourself to various environments and situations to see what kind of person you are.

    Rather than making a hasty decision, let's survive for a long time and draw our own destiny.

    Yoon Jong-shin says he can only know the shape and condition he can feel the most from a physical collision.

    You can only know how much bumpiness and sharpness you have to maintain, and how much smoothness and flexibility you need to exercise to be yourself by looking at it.
  • 2016.12.31
    broadcast day
    bts sang 'Let Me Introduce' by Kim Sung-jae (April 18, 1972, to November 20, 1995), who was very popular in 1995, at the MBC Music Festival in 2016.
  • 2020.1.6
    release date
    The external appearance shown when concentrating as much as possible to keep one's balance is most unstable.
  • 2020.1.10
    release date
    bts's 'O!The intro of the RUL8,2?' album is 'O!'It is Suga's solo song made by sampling the instruments of RUL8,2?"

    Based on the "Emo Hip Hop" genre, the song has a grand yet sentimental feel, and has an unexpected charm that turns into a rocking trap genre in the second half of the song.

    The lyrics, "The more you succeed and go up, the darker the shadow of responsibility and burden grows," is released with Suga's sincere rapping, which seems to be talking to his inner self.
  • 2020.1.17
    release date
    It is a song in the genre of "Cloud Rap" and "Emo Hip Hop" with a dreamy atmosphere that harmonizes trap drum beats, mournful lo-fi guitar melodies and catchy hooks.

    The more bts do music, the more they fear that music will no longer impress or shake themselves, but the moment they face the black swan inside themselves, bts convey their confession as an artist who realizes what music means to themselves in depth through mature and autobiographical lyrics.

    Featuring the singing rap format of the seven members and minimal sound, the development of the song without a clear climax gives listeners a different charm.
  • 2020.1.20
    release date
    [I love you so much] is an emotional ballad that resembles the moonlight, whose unique voice stimulates a faint emotion. The songwriting and composition included vocal directing of TWICE and Stray Kids albums, and DOKO (Doko), a popular producer who produced albums such as Yubin and Younha, while Choi Min-hwan of FT Island participated in the drums.

    The music video was directed by Korean national actor Park Bo-gum as the male lead, rising rookie Ko Yoon-jung as the female lead, and by director Lee Hae-kyung of bts FILM, who showed unique colors through music video production by various artists such as IU and Bolbbalgan4. The video is raising expectations with its first love of making a necklace with moonlight on it. ☆
  • 2019.1.22
    release date
    Lee So-ra X Tablo again.

    Lee Seol-ra's participation in the featureing of the song "House" in Tablo's first solo album "Hot Flower" released in 2011 brought the two together again as songwriters and singers for the first time in eight years.

    The title of the new song, which features Tablo's unique lyrical melody line and everyday sensitive lyrics, was "Request Song" and SUGA of bts participated in the surprise featureing.

    It's a moment that anyone who can't stand being lonely and turned on the radio has experienced.

    a story like yesterday, today, and tomorrow between you and me
  • 2020.2.3
    release date
    ☆ It is J-Hope's solo song that is made by sampling the beat of "2 COOL 4 SKOOL" as the intro of bts's "2 COOL 4 SKOOL" album.

    It was not easy to become a "j-hope" rather than Jung Ho-seok, but J-hope's confidence to continue walking on the path is well revealed because his choice of fate was not wrong.

    It is an energetic pop genre based on African rhythm, and the brass sound in the drop part of the song and soulful ad-libs you can hear in the second half are the points to appreciate.
  • 2014.2.12
    release date
    ☆ A dark hip-hop song reminiscent of 'Gangsta Shit' spoken in western American hip-hop in the 2000s. Singer Song Chang-sik's "Why do you call me" was sampled sensibly.

    It was titled 'Spine Breaker' which means expensive padding will take away your parents' backbone.

    bts stands in the middle of the line, sometimes witty and sometimes straightforwardly representing the minds of students and their parents.

    The lyrics, which seem to be a glimpse into a teenager's heart, catch their ears.

    It is a song that highlights the charming bass voice of V (V) and the flow of Rap Monster, which is reminiscent of Snoop Dogg.