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  • 2020.7.13
    Release date
    1Billion Views (Feat. MOON) is a hip-hop song featuring funky guitar sounds and disco rhythms.

    The lyrics are witty by comparing the desire to keep watching the beloved lover to repeatedly playing the video, and catch the ears with the melodic rapping of Sehun & Chanyeol and the soulful vocals of MOON.
  • 2017.7.18
    release date
    The title track 'Ko Ko Bop', which was inspired by the rhythm play 'Down Down Baby' of English-American children, is an energetic reggae pop song that combines rhythmical reggae guitar with a heavy bass sound.

    Members Chen, Chan-yeol and Baek-hyun participated in the lyrics, and the lyrics stand out, saying, "Don't be shy and dance according to the rhythm and let's stay together for the last night."

    Also, the song title 'Ko Ko Bop' is a combination of 'Ko Ko' with funny pronunciation and 'Bop', which means dancing to music, and it is an exciting dance to the rhythm, drawing attention.
  • 2017.7.18
    Broadcasting day
    It is an electro-pop genre song that marks the beginning of the war, where a new worldview of exo begins.

    'What U do?', which stands out with a refreshing atmosphere, is an impressive lyrics that expresses the heart of a loved one in a straightforward manner.
  • 2021.7.26
    Release date
    It is an acoustic folk genre song with a cheerful guitar rhythm.

    The lyrics, written by exo "Dio", depict a fresh love story, even when he is so into the other person that he confesses with excitement and courage.
  • 2020.7.31
    Release date
    Baekhyun's sweet vocals, which were reborn as piano-oriented minimal and sophisticated R&B songs and proved his appearance as a vocalist through various music activities from solo albums to OSTs and collaboration, are enough to meet another charm from BoA's original song.
  • 2013.8.5
    release date
    With a sophisticated Urban/R&B sound-based dance song, the lyrics are impressive, with a novel and witty expression of a man's heart not to be taken away by other men.