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  • 2018.9.17
    release date
    A pop song of Urban Deep House with an impressive dreamy synth sound.

    The lyrics delicately and frankly expressed the feelings of love as sweet and happy as a dream.

    got7 turns into seven sweet guys and whispers sweet melodies to listeners.
  • 2016.9.27
    release date
    It is the number of the EDM TRAP genre, a global trend featuring a powerful 808 base and unique synthesized sound.

    On top of the exciting beat that goes well with the image of the free-spirited got7, we will hard-carry this atmosphere.
  • 2015.9.29
    release date
    It is a dance song with a superb mix of drums and bass sounds.

    Emotional and sensuous melodies and easy melodies that anyone can sing along are impressive.
  • 2016.10.2
    Broadcasting day
    It is a dreamy R&B song with a sweet guitar melody that lovingly expresses the moment when you are with your loved one on a blue beach. Member Mark participated in writing and composing.
  • 2017.10.10
    release date
    It is a contemporary pop song with a future sound, and it has a hopeful meaning that I want you to be my path like the sky I saw when I was tired and tired.

    'You Are' 'You' enriches the meaning of the song with a word that broadly embraces the object according to the listener.
  • 2017.10.10
    Release date
    The track expresses the passion and innocence of teenagers, and it is a future base style song centered on the synth pad and flake.
  • 2019.11.4
    release date
    JYP chief Park Jin-young and leader JB participated in the songwriting.

    The lyrics "The moment you called my name, I found meaning", "The light of the exciting day and the promise of eternity are still inside me" melted my heartfelt longing.

    got7's eyes in the concept photo are filled with this longing.

    Also, got7's unique style was created with its fans' most wanted suits.
  • 2014.11.18
    release date
    It's a song that Park Jinyoung wrote to show off his powerful performance.

    On top of the strong hip-hop beat, the members' voices were transformed into Vocoder, completing got7's groovy hip-hop dance beat.
  • 2014.11.18
    release date
    A hip-hop song characterized by sampling the "Umna" part of the Wonder Girls' mega hit "Tell me".

    It is a song written and composed by Park Jin-young and features JYP-style swag.
  • 2020.11.23
    release date
    It expresses the emotion of the moment when the breath of love permeated from the moment you met your fateful opponent.

    It embodies the overwhelming feeling of love with various sounds such as whistles, conveying pleasant excitement.

    Young-jae wrote and composed the lyrics, showing off his extraordinary sensibility and outstanding musicality.
  • 2020.11.30
    release date
    It is a song written and composed by leader JB, delivering a romantic message that "we need the last piece of you to complete."

    It stimulates repetitive playback with powerful vocal melodies and unique rap lines.

    got7 sings about the sincerity of the other person, who is both the reason and everything of my existence, and conveys a more mature charm.
  • 2018.12.3
    release date
    It is a ballad song that sings about when the moment of true miracle is for got7.

    "For got7, who debuted in January 2014, the real miracle is the moment when I met my fans who helped me overcome the cold and hard times like winter."

    JYP chief Park Jin-young participated in the lyrics, adding speciality to the song.
  • 2020.12.25
    Recommended music
    got7's sweet winter confession song.

    JYP Entertainment's chief producer Park Jin-young participated in writing and composing the song.

    The story is about a man who has no courage and confesses his love by using the power of a song.
  • 2021.2.20
    Release Date
    It is a song that contains a message that got7 wants to convey to the fans "I got7," which is always with us, and it means that we want to continue singing for our fans like the title.
  • 2018.3.12
    release date
    ☆It is a pop-sound-based house track that tries to make a variety of arrangements to match the tone of the seven members.

    'I comfort you with a loving gaze' is characterized by got7's charm in the pure emotion of the lyrics.

    In particular, got7's "Look" combines the powerful performance flow with bright sounds to satisfy the fun of listening to and watching music at once.