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  • 2021.4.29
    Release date
    Many people tried to soothe their heartbreaking separation and heartbreaking feelings with alcohol, but they did not get better easily, but rather expressed their heartbreaking feelings in a glass filled with tears.

    Retro-style acoustic guitar play expresses a confusing emotional state.
  • 2021.5.5
    Release date
    Mr. trot Top 6's trot genius, Jeong Dong-won, will energize the people.

    "The best in my heart", which combines melodies that can be easily hummed by men, women, and women of all ages, boasts an unforgettable addiction.

    Let's express our gratitude to those who are grateful for their mere existence, such as friends, lovers, family, and teachers, along with "the best in my heart".
  • 2021.8.8
    Release date
    It is a "Rock trot" genre song that properly crosses over the rock elements of cool and heavy rhythm and trot's unique way of expressing our life's history in a serious way.

    Starting with a sad yet beautiful accordion performance, it is an addictive song that combines luxurious string melodies, rock trot's signature sound, cool electric guitar, rhythm, and appealing vocals.

    I hope it will be a precious time to look back on your surroundings and yourself in your daily life through "That's the way to live."
  • 2020.8.20
    release date
    "Tes-hyung!" (Tes- Bro) is a Korean trot song composed, written and sung by Na Hoon-a.

    It was included in Na Hoon-a's ninth full-length album, "The Nine Tales," released on August 20, 2020, and it drew attention from netizens by calling Socrates 'hyung' and asking about life, love, and the time and time that flows.

    Na Hoon-a sang the song in front of the public for the first time on "Korea Again Na Hoon-a," which aired on KBS2 on Chuseok in 2020.
  • 2021.8.25
    Release date
    From the beginning to the end, the traditional trot itself competes with a clean and clean authentic trot sound without any fusion elements.

    It's a song that gives you a sense of humor that shows the cheerful rhythm, brass, seamless background vocals, and the straightforwardness of our life history that only authentic trot can express.

    I hope it will be a time for you to find things around you that can comfort you in the joys and sorrows of your life.
  • 2019.9.17
    Release Date
    His real name is Park Young-ki and he gained popularity with the song "Let's Have a Drink".

    After working as an Army Special Forces soldier for 15 years, he wanted to sing, so he/she debuted with his/her 2019 single album "Let's Have a Drink".
  • 2021.10.7
    Release date.
    It is a semi-trot song with a cheerful house rhythm and sophisticated brass.

    As can be seen from the title of the song, it contains a message of comfort and support for those who are having a hard time with COVID-19.

    It is an attractive song that lingers in your ears even once you hear the lyrics touching the sorrows and sorrows of life, exciting melody, and addictive chorus.

    It is easy to sing along, so it is expected that another "national trot song" will be born.
  • 2020.11.4
    Release date
    The lyrics of "It's a rough world, but trust me and come together" are impressive.

    It is a magnificent British pop song composed by producer 'Me boars' and recently rising producer 'Kim Si-on'.
  • 2019.11.4
    Release date
    It is a song that expresses Song Ga-in's emotions and singing ability by expressing a cheerful and mournful feeling by expressing the mournful heart of a mother who loves her child and the noble heart of a child who loves her parents.

    It is a fusion Gugak-style song that harmonizes sophisticated yet exciting ensemble with Gugak instruments, including Taepyeongso, and her meeting with the theme "Mom," the hometown of all people, and "Arirang," which contains the marriage of the people, heralds the birth of national song.
  • 2019.12.12
    broadcast day
    The dialect of Gyeongsang-do, Hamgyeong-do, and Jeolla-do means mother.

    Song: Joella, a Korean classical musician
  • 2019.12.18
    release date
    Jeong Dong-won, a rising rookie in the trot world!

    A talented group that encompasses orthodox and semi-trot!

    It remade Hong Jin-young's "Tears Rain," which he sang for his grandfather at the time of the Youngjae Excavation Team's airing!

    Jung Dong-won's song, which became a hot topic after the show with his deep emotional expression and outstanding singing skills as a 13-year-old sixth grader in SBS, impressed even the original trot goddess Hong Jin-young, who heard about the remake, came to the studio on the day of recording and gave him advice on the song.

    With the sound of Haegeum, which is filled with sadness in Jeong Dong-won's emotions, a remake version of the song was created that feels different from the original song.
  • 2020.12.19
    Broadcasting day
    ☆ Singer Kim Ji-ae made her name known in 1986 when Park Chun-seok's original trot "Muleya," composed of lyrics and lyrics, became a hit.

    In 1989, the song "The Ugly Person" (composed by Jeon Young-rok) rose to stardom with the highest popularity upon its release.

    In December 2020, 'Lee So-na', a Korean traditional musician who majored in Gyeonggi folk music, received great attention for singing at ' KBS Broadcasting Station (trot National Contest). ☆
  • 2020.1.10
    broadcast day
    Twenty-four years of trot life! Cheonggukjang Voice Lee Chan-won
  • 2020.1.17
    broadcast day
    ♡ A song that expresses one's heart for one's mother
  • 2020.1.17
    broadcast day
    Jung Dong-won, a 13-year-old boy who loves trot who made the masters cry.