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5,000 Years of Korean Soul

  • 1592.5.29
    Recommended music
    May 29th, Turtle Ship's First appearance

    Turtle Ship is a warship of the Joseon Dynasty based on Panokseon and is covered with wooden boards after covering the entire surface of Panokseon's deck.
  • 2921.5.29
    Recommended music
    In Korean traditional music, oral sounds are played by mimicking the distinctive tones of the flute, salted fish, and janggu.

    In the case of a mouthful, it follows the tone of a flute or a paddle, but it is not constant, and sometimes it is sung on top of a song.

    As in the case of Sinawi, the rhythm consists mainly of Salpuri and Deng Dekungi (Jajinmori), and sometimes other rhythms are used.

    The form of the performance is sometimes sung as a solo to the accompaniment of the janggu, but usually together with the chorus of the sina.

    And this note is often used for the Salpuri dance and dance accompaniment to the guitar Sinawi.

    Therefore, the name of this music should be called Gueum Si Nawi, but the composition of the music is usually called Gueum Salpul because it is usually composed of Salpuri rhythm.

    In addition, because the oral sound is expressed in voice in any case, it may have to be a Namdo master singer who has reached a considerable level musically, and is usually good at Pansori masterpieces.
  • 2021.5.30
    Recommended music
    Composed by Iaro
    Lyrics by Iaro
    Jang Woo-kyun in Arrangement
    Kim Tae-rin of Song
  • 2021.5.31
    Recommended music
    Daegeum by Jeon In Geun
  • 2021.6.1
    Recommended music
    Daegeum / monk Lee Sam
    Geomungo / Lee Ogyu
    Haegeum / Yoon Moonsook
    Janggu / Sajaesung
  • 2021.6.2
    Recommended music
    Composition: This Day's Feast
    lyricist: unknown author
    Arrangement: This Day's Day's worth
    Vocal: Kwon Song-hee, Park Soo-beom, Shin Yoo-jin, Ahn Yi-ho, Lee Na-rae
    Base/Keyboard: Jang Young-kyu, Jung Joong-yeop
    Drum: Lee Chul-hee
  • 2021.6.4
    Recommended dance
    It is a creative dance that Jung Jae-man reconstructs Song Beom-ryu Sanjo Dance, a work that captures the figure of a woman who resembles a bright dill light and clear wind, under the title of "Cheongpung Myeongwol".
  • 2021.6.5
    Recommended music
    This is the sound of King Jo's soldiers, who were defeated in the Red Cliff War and died, becoming birds of origin and blaming the King for driving them to death.

    "Saetaryeong" is a representative sight of Jeokbyeokga and is called Jungmori Jangdan.

    Since it is musically well-organized and includes scenes imitating birdsong, it requires considerable skill of master singers to properly express it.

    Sataryeong is dedicated to the realization of the independent theme consciousness of the Pansori Red Cliffs, which is distinguished from the original 『The Three Kingdoms연의 by revealing the joys and sorrows of the soldiers through the enumeration and sequence of various birds.
  • 2021.6.6
    Recommended music
    Band Leenalchi - Pansori band, famous for 'Hipster', five singers Kwon Song-hee, Park Soo-beom, Shin Yu-jin, Ahn In-ho, and Lee Na-rae are vocalists, and Jang Young-kyu, who worked for the folk rock band 'Sing' and Lee Chul-hee, made a base and a unique face and a bass that disbanded last year.
  • 2019.6.7
    Release Date
    The song won the 17th Korean Popular Music Awards 'Best Rock Album' and 'Best Rock Song'.

    Jambinai was formed in 2009 by Lee Il-woo, Kim Bo-mi and Shim Eun-yong, who majored in traditional Korean music.

    bassist Yoo Byung-gu and drummer Choi Jae-hyuk from Delhi Spice, who were active as live sessions in 2017, joined as official members and confirmed the five-member formation.
  • 2021.6.9
    Recommended music
    Simcheongga is a pansori with the theme of 'hyo'.

    One of the most representative scenes of Simcheongga is the scene in which Simcheong falls into Imdangsu by selling herself to 300 stones of Gongyangmi to open her blind father's eyes.

    The scene of Simcheong holding a rite to support Simcheong as a sacrifice, Simcheong's heart for her father even before her death, and the serene sea scene are added to the scene, which conveys tension and calmness well.
  • 2021.6.10
    Recommended music
    Yeom Kyung-ah, a composer
    lyricist Chae Jung-mi
    Kim Chang-hwan in Arrangement
    Choi Min-yoon of the Song
  • 2021.6.11
    Recommended music
    The live performance of the Jeongeup Cultural Center's 4th regular performance
  • 2021.6.12
    Recommended music
    The band Lee Nalchi - A pansori band known to Hipster, five sounders Kwon Song-hee, Park Soo-bum, Shin Yu-jin, Ahn Yi-ho, and Lee Na-rae came out as vocals.

    Music director Jang Young-kyu and music director Lee Chul-hee, who were active in the folk rock band Sing Sing, play bass and drums, and Jung Jung-yeop, a former member of "Jang Ki-ha and Faces," who disbanded last year, play another base to create a unique "groove."
  • 2021.6.14
    Recommended dance
    It unravels Hwang Jin-yi's Sijo Sangsamong with a modern sense.