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5,000 Years of Korean Soul

  • 2021.4.24
    Recommended dance
    ☆ Jukganja/Lee Yoon-jung/Lee Do-kyung
    Hyeopmu/Kim Chung-woo, Jung Hyun-do, Kim Seo-ryang, Kim Jin-woo, Kim Hyun-woo

    It was one of the newly created Dangak Jeongjae during the reign of King Sunjo of the Joseon Dynasty. Prince Hyomyeong named after Jangsaengboyeonji-ak(music) from Song dynasty in 1829 (the 29th year of King Sunjo's reign). There are four dances that Jukkanja leads Dancers to enter and exit, including "Jangsaengboyeonji-mu."
  • 2021.4.25
    Recommended music
    ☆Jeokbyeokga is one of pansori repertoire about the old stories from Romance of the three kingdoms.

    Jeokbyeokga is a song with a strong will and masculine character, and among them, Zhao Yun's Bow Shooting scene is a part of which is musically well-organized, lively, and requires considerable power.

    It is sung by a solemn sound that causes dramatic tension on Ujo, and is a representative part (nun-daemok) of the Jeokbyeokga.

    The significance of this passage lies in the fact that it best embodies the pansori beauty of the magnificent Jeokbyeokga.
  • 2021.4.26
    Recommended music
    The "Pungryubang" culture, which played a major role in the occurrence and transmission of major music pieces of current traditional music, expressed the feelings conveyed to musicians living in this era as chamber music.
  • 2021.4.27
    Recommended music
    ☆Composed by Lee Geon-yong, Hanobaeknyeon is a representative song of the 25th annual gayageum solo, and is also widely played as a concerto.

    This piece transforms the theme melody of the folk song with the same title into a variety of forms, which highlights the performer's ability to show various state laws and techniques of 25 stringed gayageum.

    The performer Moon Se-mi was selected as a collaborator of the 2020 National Gugak Center's creative orchestra.
  • 2021.4.29
    Recommended music
    ☆This scene is at the beginning of the pansori Sugungga, tells the story of a Taoist appears to give the ill dragon king medicine.
  • 2021.4.30
    Recommended music
    ☆Meet a flash animation of the beautiful creative Korean traditional music that will warm your children's emotions.
  • 2021.5.1
    Recommended music
    Gayageum Lee Soo-eun | Geomungo Kim So-yeon | Daegeum Park Hye-on
    Piri Lee In-hwa | Haegeum Han Anna | Janggu Lee Sang-kyung☆
  • 2021.5.1
    Recommended music
    Sangsabyeolgok is one of twelve Gasa.

    It sings the love between a man and a woman who are separated.

    Geomungo: Hwang Jin-ah, Daegeum: Bang Chorong, Piri: Kim Seul-gi, Lee Hyang-hee, Haegeum: Park Soo-min, Percussion: Kim In-soo, Kim Hyun-soo
  • 2021.5.2
    Recommended music
    It is a song that contains urban sensibility with the melody of Menari and Namdo Gyeomyunjo, which blends well with the novelty of creative songs, the comfort of popular music, and the intensity of traditional music.
  • 2021.5.3
    Recommended music
    Kim Dongjinryu Daegeumsanjo

    The Daegeum Sanjo of Kim Dongjin, which connects Gangbaekcheon to Kim Dongjin and Mundongok, is a Daegeum Sanjo made by adding the pleas of Jingye-myeon, powerful voices, and restrained rhythms to the Daegeum rhythm of Gangbaekcheon, known as the origin of Daegeumsanjo along with Park Jong-gi.

    It takes about 25 minutes to play the song.In the video, it is played in a short tune of about nine minutes.
  • 2021.5.4
    Recommended dance
    a sword dance
    The dance originally performed by the private sector as a mask dance was accepted as a royal court dance during the reign of King Sunjo of Joseon.
    It is said to have originated from the fact that Hwang Chang of Silla, who was a good swordsman, threw a sword in front of the king of Baekje, killed him, and began to wear a mask to honor Hwang Chang.
    ○ Dance : Choi Yoon-jung, Kim Kkot-ji, Yoon Jin-ah, Byun Sang-ah
    ○ Music : Jeongakdan of the National Gugak Center, traditional music group Pan (Yoo In-sang)

    ○ Hosted and filmed/National Gugak Center
  • 2021.5.5
    Recommended music
    The sound of Simbongsa lamenting the fact that the hit-and-run mother ran away while climbing the Hoengseong with the hit-and-run mother.
  • 2021.5.6
    Recommended music
    It is a reinterpretation of the music of Bukcheongja Noreum, a lion dance in South Hamgyong Province. He attempted to change to instrumental music, not instrumental music, by paying attention to the composition of the musical scale and the Tungso.
  • 2020.5.7
    Release date.
    Composed Yun-Bok Shin's folktale “Wolha Jung-in”, a painter of Dohwaseo(圖畫署) in the Joseon Dynasty as a creative Korean music.

    This album includes the first song of Lee Ji-young's “Hwawon Tour”series.

    (Lyricist and Composer Lee Ji-young )
  • 2021.5.7
    Recommended music
    The Pirisanjo of Jeongjaeguk was created by Jeong Jae-guk, the Jeongakmyeong, based on the rhythms of Lee Chung-sun and Oh Jin-seok.

    It is characterized by its strong power and grandeur under the influence of Jeongak, and its rich folk and native taste.

    I added Gayageum and dance to make it sound different.