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5,000 Years of Korean Soul

  • 2021.5.30
    Recommended music
    Composed by Iaro
    Lyrics by Iaro
    Jang Woo-kyun in Arrangement
    Kim Tae-rin of Song
  • 2021.6.2
    Recommended music
    Composition: This Day's Feast
    lyricist: unknown author
    Arrangement: This Day's Day's worth
    Vocal: Kwon Song-hee, Park Soo-beom, Shin Yoo-jin, Ahn Yi-ho, Lee Na-rae
    Base/Keyboard: Jang Young-kyu, Jung Joong-yeop
    Drum: Lee Chul-hee
  • 2021.6.6
    Recommended music
    Band Leenalchi - Pansori band, famous for 'Hipster', five singers Kwon Song-hee, Park Soo-beom, Shin Yu-jin, Ahn In-ho, and Lee Na-rae are vocalists, and Jang Young-kyu, who worked for the folk rock band 'Sing' and Lee Chul-hee, made a base and a unique face and a bass that disbanded last year.
  • 2021.6.10
    Recommended music
    Yeom Kyung-ah, a composer
    lyricist Chae Jung-mi
    Kim Chang-hwan in Arrangement
    Choi Min-yoon of the Song
  • 2021.6.12
    Recommended music
    The band Lee Nalchi - A pansori band known to Hipster, five sounders Kwon Song-hee, Park Soo-bum, Shin Yu-jin, Ahn Yi-ho, and Lee Na-rae came out as vocals.

    Music director Jang Young-kyu and music director Lee Chul-hee, who were active in the folk rock band Sing Sing, play bass and drums, and Jung Jung-yeop, a former member of "Jang Ki-ha and Faces," who disbanded last year, play another base to create a unique "groove."
  • 2021.6.20
    Release date
    It is a song about the resistance of independence activists who aspired to liberate their homeland during the 1910 Japanese colonial era period.

    This song combines Korean traditional music with rock, and the guitarist Jung Ki-song of the rock group "Next" created by the late Shin Hae-chul participated to enhance the perfection of the song.

    In particular, the music video of "Heroic Empire" was filmed inside Seodaemun Prison, which contains the hardships of the Korean people, including the imprisonment of independence activists and key figures of the pro-democracy movement, adding to its historical value and meaning.
  • 2021.6.21
    Release date
    Seodo Band is composed of practical music musicians centered on singer-songwriter Seodo, and continues to perform well in Korea and abroad.

    In particular, it is pioneering a New genre of music called Joseon Pop, a combination of Joseon and Pop, which is unique to the band, which is based on the tradition and is derived from the modern era of Pop music.

    Based on the characteristic stories, rhythms, and melodies of Korean traditional music, the genre is presented in a refreshing and unique way by properly mixing pop elements.
  • 2021.6.26
    Recommended music
    The song expresses Simcheong's desire to pray to the moon in order to find her father, who was sold as a sacrifice for her blind father, and to become a queen after her reincarnation.
  • 2021.6.30
    Recommended music
    Composed by Park Kang-hyun
    Lyrics by Park Kang-hyun
    Kim Chang-hwan in Arrangement
    Songs such as Ko Eun-chan, Kim Yi-seo, Kim Tae-rin, Lee Jae-yeon, Lim Soo-ah, Han Woo-joo, Hong Hyo-jun
  • 2021.7.2
    Recommended music
    The fusion Gugak group "Vidan" will make songs about proud Korean cultural heritage, including UNESCO-registered heritage, and produce modern Gugak performances that combine documentaries and music clips.

    This song sings the story of a goblin who has been with the history of the Korean people as an absolute and friendly friend who practices the punishment of good deeds.
  • 2021.7.10
    Recommended music
    Composed by Choi Yoo-kyung
    Han Eun Line, a lyricist
    arranged by Kim Baek-chan
    Sing a song, Shin Seo-rin
  • 2021.7.20
    Recommended music
    Composed by Choi Yoon-young
    Choi Yoon-young, a lyricist
    Jang Woo-kyun in Arrangement
    Songs such as Kang Myung-bin, Kim Bo-mi, Park Na-ri, Lee Kyung-min, Jo Seo-yoon, and waist-sa
  • 2021.7.26
    Recommended music
    The traditional melody of Hamyang Yangjamga, a traditional song sung while picking mulberry leaves in Hamyang, Gyeongsangnam-do, was added with jazz piano, which was a song that was reinterpreted to be more modern and accessible, combining the outstanding performance and charming sounds of the Korean traditional music.

    'Byuri Gugak Band' is a team of young musicians from North Jeolla Province who are full of passion for the preservation, succession and development of our traditional culture, and is a band that plays fusion music that combines pure traditional Korean music such as Sanjo, Jeongak, Pansori, and folk songs for the popularization of Korean music.

    'Hamyang Jamming' is the winner of the 7th 21C Korean Music Project' in 2013.
  • 2021.8.4
    Recommended dance
    It is a traditional dance that is performed to Gayageum Sanjo.

    In particular, this dance has a good tendency to dance in the Honam region, and it freely embodies the body's spirit and rhythm rather than artificial techniques or stereotyped movements.

    The work is considered to be a wide range of dance in terms of creativity because it expresses human free emotions in spontaneous movements based on traditional Korean dance.

    Cho Hung-dong Myungmu, who received the Sanjo dance from Kim Jin-gul as the first performance of the song, has Newly choreographed the song in line with the tune of "Sanjo," a donation-linked song.

    ○ Appearances/Jang Min-ha, Kim Hye-ja, Lee Myung-hee, Kim Tae-eun, Lee Jung-mi, Baek Mi-jin, Park Min-ji, Cho Eun-ju, Park Kyung-soon, Park Ji-ae, Gayageum/Lee Ji-hye
  • 2020.8.10
    Recommended music
    A rising star is a neuroscopic pansori drama that is a satire of human desire to rise to the top and is produced to match contemporaryity by adding theatrical elements.

    Jeon Tae-won, Lee Eun-hee, Han Kang-woo, Lee Mi-sook and Park
    In Seung-hyun, Kim Ji-hye, Shuffle Comics Lim Dong-joo, Kim Kyung-joon

    a performer

    Jeong Hye-jin (basement) Jeong Da-woon (pyrie)
    Hwang Sang-eun (Master) Shin Seung-min (Daegeum)