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5,000 Years of Korean Soul

  • 2020.12.7
    Recommended music
    The Seoryong Stone Pond Haegeum Sanjo was handed down by Seo Yong-seok, a master of daegeum and ajaeng.

    This is very unusual, so different players have different interpretations and different expressions and methods.

    The six rhythms of Jinyangjo, Jungmori, Jungjungmori, Jungjungmori, Quick Jungjungmori, Jajinmori, and Eotmori are composed of haegeumsanjo based on the rich Southern melody of Seo Yong-seok himself. Especially, the rhythm of the geomyeonjo and the rattle in Jajinmori is characterized by the white rice.
  • 2020.12.7
    Recommended music
    The Jeonnam Provincial Gugak Band is dedicated to the development of traditional arts, and is taking the lead in promoting the excellence of Namdo Gugak by participating in a number of major invitational events at home and abroad, and in creating a healthy leisure culture for the public through active dissemination of Gugak such as regular performances and Saturday performances.

    In addition, we created a new genre of fusion Gugak with modern elements to provide a foundation for the new generation to easily access and sympathize with Gugak.
  • 2020.12.8
    Recommended music
    Jang Gu-yeon of Samulnori Master Kim Duk-soo and the sound of Park Jong-ho, the representative of the performing arts ensemble The Dune
  • 2020.12.9
    Recommended music
    After Simcheong falls into Indangsu, Simbongsa goes to Simcheong's tombstone every day, thinking Simcheong is dead. This is the saddest part of Simcheongga, the heart of a father who lost his daughter.

    a whimsical woman whose personality fluctuates from moment to moment In addition, she is so ugly that she can live with her services, and she is so mean and greedy that she takes away others' things.
  • 2020.12.9
    Recommended music
    To mark the 100th anniversary of the March 1 Independence Movement and the establishment of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea, the National Traditional Arts High School prepared the stage.

    It is an art play that carries the life of a martyr to pansori, and is based on Yoo Gwan-soon, a renowned singer of Park Dong-sil, who tries to inspire patriotism by creating a creative pansori of the 'Passion' system after Korea's liberation from Japanese colonial rule.
  • 2021.12.10
    Recommended music
    Lyrics / Jung Kyung Ah
    Composed / Ryu Hyung-sun
    Arrangement / Shin Chang-ryul
    Song / Kim Min Kyum
    Chorus / Sung Da-kyung Ahn Jung-ah Children's Choir at Naeson Elementary School
    Video Director / Cho Jung-rae (JO Entertainment)
  • 2019.12.11
    Recommended music
    [Austria Bean Music Fairline Golden Hall]

    Sponsored by Crown-Haetae Confectionary, 'the 5th Korean Pungryu European Tour' is a meaningful performance to present the essence of Korean traditional music on the European stage with Korea's best 'Myeonginchang' and conveys the beauty of Korean traditional music.

    <Survival: Kang Young-geun, Danso: Kwak Tae-gyu>

    Su Ryong-eum is a musical piece that shows the music culture of the royal court and scholars of the Joseon Dynasty.

    Water Dragon Eum is played with various musical instruments, which are enjoyed by the spirits of raw sulfur, Danso, yanggeum and Danso (duet).

    The song title "The Water Dragon sound" means "The Dragon song playing in the water.
  • 2020.12.11
    Recommended music
    Jongmyo Jerye is a festive ritual in which the king wishes the nation and the people to be peaceful with the help of heaven and earth, and Jongmyo Jeryeak refers to instrumental music, songs and dances performed to hold a solemn ceremony for Jongmyo Jerye.

    Jongmyo Jerye and Jongmyo Jeryeak were designated as Important Intangible Cultural Properties No. 56 and No. 1, and were preserved and handed down as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity on May 18, 2001.
  • 2020.12.12
    Recommended music
    Composed/Ryu Hyung-sun, played/created by the National Gugak Center (Gayageum/Lee Ji-hye, Choi Bo-ra, Lee Joo-in, Lee Ji-yeon, Haegeum/Saju-hyeon)
  • 2020.12.13
    Recommended music
    Kim Young-jae and Haegeum Sanjo are cute and friendly.have a slight feature

    Rather than a hearty laugh, you get the feeling of a pleasant smile.

    It has the charm of a typical game festival.
  • 2020.12.13
    Recommended music
    Composed by Lee Kyung-seop. It is a song that combines the intense rhythm of percussion and the delicate melody of orchestral music, which is a mixture of popular and strong beats based on Hwimori and Aumori rhythm.

    It is an exciting stage where the colorful and powerful performance of the assorted drummer stands out.
  • 2020.12.14
    Recommended dance
    Janggu dance is a dance in which a janggu is held obliquely around the shoulder and accompanied by various rhythms.

    It is an exciting dance in which a woman moves her feet lightly with a unique gait called a magpie's step, with a well-rounded waist around the women in line with folk songs such as Shingosan Taryeong, Cheongchunga, and Gyeongbokgung Taryeong.

    In 1991, Cho Hung-dong selected music as his first work, studied each dance move, and choreographed it to express the excitement and style of our woman in his collection.

    ○ Flute/Lee Ho-jin, Daegeum/Moon Jae-deok, Haegeum/Kim Ji-hee, Gayageum/Mungyeong-ah, Janggu/Jung Joon-ho, Jing/Park Eun-ha, Buk/Baek Jin-seok, Janggu/Kim Su-yong, Kkwaenggwari/Oh Young-hwan
  • 2020.12.15
    Recommended music
    When Kwak's wife passed away after giving birth to Simcheong, she hugged her daughter and fed her baby.
  • 2020.12.15
    Recommended music
    ♡ Founded in 1962, the National Changgeuk Company continues the sound of Korean style, spirit, and life through the musical drama 'Changgeuk', which is based on pansori.

    Ahn Sook-sun/Yoo Soo-jung, Young Simcheong Min Eun-kyung, Empress So-yeon, Simbongsa Yu Taepyungyang, Ppangdeok Kim Geum-mi, Kwak's wife Kim Mi-jin, etc.

    Park Hee-jung, Lee Seong-do, Geomungo, Choi Young-hoon, Cho Yong-soo, Daegeum Lee Won-wang, Gayageum Kim Min-young, percussion Do Kyung-han, Janggo Kim Tae-young, Haegeum Won Na-kyung
  • 2020.12.16
    Recommended music
    It is a creative song that sings about our proud and splendid cultural heritage and beautiful scenery of Korea.

    The warmth and soul of the Korean people are wrapped in the wind as if they were passing by the name of their names, shaking off all kinds of thoughts and shaking off all kinds of thoughts.