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5,000 Years of Korean Soul

  • 2021.1.15
    Recommended music
    [KBS Gugak Hanmadang] Concert Nabilera
  • 2921.1.15
    Recommended music
    Song/Lee Geum-mi, Chae Soo-hyun
  • 2021.1.17
    Recommended music
    Sinawi is so called "Free and spontaneous, but never distracting or dissonant".
    "Harmony in discord," and "Order in chaos."
  • 2021.1.19
    Recommended music
    A labor song that has been handed down in Mojeon-dong, Mungyeong-si (playful song)
  • 2021.1.19
    Recommended music
    Arirang is one of the most popular folk songs in Gyeongsang-do.

    It is said to have originated in Miryang, Gyeongsangnam-do, but it is now called nationwide.

    ♡ Sound/Cho Kyung-hee, Lee Geum-mi, Kang Hyo-joo, Lee Miri
  • 2021.1.20
    Recommended music
    ☆ Make sure you hide tight.
    cubed radish kimchi
    a toad house
    Where is the river?
    Pingking, sweep the yard.
    Beep! Beep!
    Stuck, squint, squint.
    a dragonfly.
    Owl Owl
    a gate game
  • 2021.1.20
    Recommended music
    ♡ Band Gwangchil is a band that produces and plays songs that modernize the interpretation of good music and folk songs.

    In particular, there is a great interest in the discovery and re-creation of Seodo folk songs, which are less popular than Gyeonggi folk songs.

    We want to communicate with the audience the unique echoes of the folk song of Seodo, a local folk song of Hwanghae Province.
  • 2021.1.21
    Recommended music
    ♡ Gagok is a traditional Korean vocal music that sings a poem with orchestral accompaniment.

    Namchanggok Ujo Unjo Ilwol Seongsin - Kim Kyungbae
    Kim Hye-kyung of Society
    Gayageum Im Soo-hyun, Geomungo Kang Hye-jin, Daegeum Danso Jeon In-geun, Ahn Hun-young
    Piri Park Kyung-min, Haegeum Ko Yoon-jin, Janggu Lee Gun-hyung
  • 2021.1.21
    Recommended music
    ☆Yeomyangchun is an instrumental variation from accompaniment for traditional Gagok genre. Originally Gagok is accompanied by geomungo, gayageum, sepiri, daegeum, haegeum and janggu, but it changes when instrumented; geomungo and gayageum is eliminated, hyangpiri substitutes sepiri, and ajaeng and jwago are added.

    Yeomyangchun is famous for its daegeum solo. It was named "Geosang-ak" because it was mainly played in the court banquets. It's rhythm and melody are structurally free, giving it a cool and clear feeling.
  • 2021.1.22
    Recommended music
    ♡ The song is composed by Jang Ta-ryeong, which is also called Taryeong, with a modern feeling.

    "Jangtaryeong" was originally a commercial labor song that was sung by long-timers, who were also called Jangjanglim, Boo-Bae, and Jangdol-Bang, to entertain the market and sell goods.
  • 2020.1.22
    Recommended music
    'Dalha' is our old word for the moon.

    It is the only ballad song in the "Jang So-young" album released in 2007 that depicts the image of a woman waiting for someone alone while looking at the moon.

    The sad and pathetic cry of Haegeum makes us feel sad as if we will burst the wound that has been buried in our hearts again.
  • 2021.1.23
    Recommended music
    ♡ Sinawi is a type of improvised instrumental ensemble with the roots of shamanic music.

    pansori/waterproof+Jang Mun-hee
    Geomungo/Hee Ik-soo+Lee Jeong-seok
    Bill/Wan Wan Railway+Lee Chang-seon
    a flute/Lee Seung-heon+Park Chi-wan
    Ajaeng/Shin Hyunsik+Shin Jae Hyun
    Janggu, Jing/Injuries+Jeong Junho
  • 2021.1.24
    Recommended dance
    ♡ "Byeokpa Ipchum Gain yeo-ok" is a piece of free style dance choreographed by Park Jae-hee(Byeokpa).

    Ipchum dance was originally emphasized improvisation without any specific dance moves or composition, but gradually became independent.

    Ga-in Yeo-ok, which means "a woman as beautiful as a jade," is a work that expresses the heart of a woman who is graceful, restrained, yet excited and stylish.

    ○ Dance/Park Jae-hee (Professor of Cheongju University, Chairman of the Byeokpa Dance Research Association)