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5,000 Years of Korean Soul

  • 2020.10.2
    Recommended music
    It is a creative pansori based on the love story of Seodong and Princess Seonhwa.
  • 2020.10.3
    Recommended music
    Sanjo is a piece of music that is in the form of instrumental solo music and is played along with Jangdan accompaniment such as Janggu and Buk.

    Sanjo began to be played with improvisational rhythms in the early days, but the musicality of the Sanjo master is maximized by the formation of a "long-dan frame" that moves from slow to fast, and the formation of various groups.

    Won Jang-hyeon was taught a short sanjo by Kim Dong-jin for a year, and the following year, he met Han Il-seop in 1969 and began his full-fledged Sanjo class until his death in 1973, continuing his studies for five years.

    The Daegeum Sanjo of Wonjanghyeon was created by adding the systematic and broad musical power of Won Jang-hyeon, who was passed down as Han Sook-gu, Won Sang-rok, and Won Kwang-jun to the melody Han Il-seop passed down in his later years.
  • 2020.10.4
    Recommended dance
    Seoljanggu was originally referred to as the head of Janggu Jab in Panggut of Pungmulgut, which in turn referred to Seoljanggu's play.

    As it is played during the individual play in the latter part of Pangut, the composition of the melody varies depending on the region or person.

    The Seoljanggu has continued to be newly choreographed by dancers, one of which is the Seoljanggu Dance.

    The National Gugak Center's "Seoljanggu Dance" is a piece of military dance organized by Park Eun-ha of the National Gugak Center's Yeonhui Department.

    It is designed to contrast solo and group dance to the Hwimori-Obangjin-Gutgeori Samchae (Jajinmori)-Hwimori rhythm, which reveals the tension and relaxation of the rhythm.
  • 2020.10.5
    Recommended music
    2018 Welfare Songs -. Seodo Sori Baebangi Gut

    Musician - Kim Han-sam, Lee Hyo-jung and Oh Young-bin

    Baebangi Gut is a musical drama with a lot of things to see, with Seodo-sori as its main theme, but it also accommodates local shamanism, folk songs, and pansori.
  • 2020.10.6
    Recommended music
    Gaonnuri, a pure Korean word for "be the center of the world," is a creative music organization that hopes to expand with pride that the most Korean is the most global, just like the name of the group.

    Composed, composed, written, played by Park Kyung-nan, Taak/Yoo Tae-sang, Vocal/Yoo Seul-gi, Daegeum/Jang Jin-ho, Ajaeng/Seo Yeon-ju, Haegeum/Lee Seung-mi

    Cuckoo Moly : A reinterpretation of Haenggung Gyeonwol Daemok of Pansori 'Chunhyangga' The lyrics are changed to pure Korean and the style of receiving the chorus is used with swing rhythm to express deep and solid Korean style cuckoo waltz.
  • 2020.10.7
    Recommended music
    [Crown-Haetae Confectionary's performance of 'Honey Day Love']

    In addition to Ajaeng, Park Jong-sun is also well versed in Taepyeongso Sinawe.

    Han Il-seop's 10-minute-long sanjo was organized with his own rhythm and created the "Park Jong-ryu Ajaeng Sanjo" within 30 minutes.

    'Park Jong Sun-ryu Ajaeng Sanjo' is a song that expresses sorrowful, powerful, and deep sorrow compared to other mountains. It is characterized by strong and thick agitation, playing with wooden and yumi activities.
  • 2020.10.8
    Recommended music
    Let me introduce you to the exciting playground of Yeonhui group The clown, young entertainers who are creating a new culture of Yeonhui.
  • 2020.10.9
    Recommended music
    Mong-ryong, who returned as a monk as one of the eyes of Chunhyangga, brings Chun-hyang, who was imprisoned in prison, and tests her.

    The incision of Chunhyang is well illustrated.
  • 2020.10.11
    Recommended music
    ○ Bak/Kim Ki-dong
    ○ Piri/Hwang Kyu-sang, Kim Sung-jin, Lee Jong-moo, Kim Sung-joon, and Kim In-ki
    ○ Daegeum/Lee Sang-won, Kim Sang-joon, Kim Hwi-gon, Lee Oh-hoon, and Kim Baekman
    ○ Haegeum/Kim Joo-nam, Yoon Moon-sook, Ryu Eun-jung, Jeon Eun-hye, and Sa Hyun-wook
    ○ Geomungo/Kim Chi-ja, Kim Mi-sook, Yoon Sung-hye, Ko Bo-seok, Woo Min-hee
    ○ Gayageum/Chae Sung-hee, Kim Yoon-hee, Ko Yeon-jung, Kang Hyo-jin, and Lee Myung-ha
    ○ Ajaeng/Kim Chang-gon, Sogeum/Lee Gyeol, Janggu/Ahn Sung-il, Jwago/Kim Hyung-seop
  • 2020.10.12
    Recommended music
    -Explain the name of the song
    It's a song for young people who have dug between bamboo forests, a virtual space of the fierce living 'N4 Generation' of Gyeonggi-do Danggut's 'Dosalpuri rhythm'
    Reinterpret the six-night rhythm of the 12 lyrics and sing the song 'Suyangsana' in the 12 lyrics borrowed from the new melody.

    ★ Park Han-kyul X Jang Myeong-seo - Composed, Lyrics: Park Han-kyul X Jang Myeong-seo / Handpan: Park Han-kyul / Jeong-ga: Jang Myeong-seo

    - Performance Description
    The 21C Korean Music Project, which was first held in 2007, began with the many changes the 21C Korean Music Project has attempted over the past decade or so with the production team's desire to encourage fresh and competent young gugak musicians to participate more actively and create high-quality creative Gugak. Through the 21C Korean Music Project, which begins anew with a dream of a new decade, it is hoped that Gugak will be a music enjoyed together regardless of gender or age by discovering competitive and high-quality works in the global market in a bold attempt to interpret the characteristics of traditional music, not difficult and hard to hear.
  • 2020.10.13
    Recommended music
    Choi Ok-sam (1905-1956) is the Gayageum Sanjo that was passed down to Kim Chang-jo (1865-1994).

    The Gayageum Sanjo of Choeoksamryu, designated as Important Intangible Cultural Property No. 23 by the first month of Hamdong in 1980, consists of Dasareum, Jinyangjo, Jungmori, Jungjungmori, Jungjungmori, Jajinmori, and Hwimori.

    The composition of the melody is well-organized and has an excellent composition and correct tone. The melody used in this production is based on the melody of pansori and Namdo-pung, and the contrast between tension and relaxation is clear, so it has a relationship between yin and yang.

    It is also characterized by the fact that the relationship between the rhythms is clear, and that they have a heavy and deep taste by refraining from expressing their feelings hastily.

    The situational style of the Choi Ok-samryu Gayageum Sanjo requires heavy and restrained, and is generally powerful and masculine. The gayageumsanjo, the three most famous Korean traditional musical instruments currently played, takes about 50 minutes to play.

    Gayageum/Kim Hae-sook, Ajaeng/Kim Young-gil, Janggu/Jung Hwa-young
  • 2020.10.14
    Recommended dance
    [National Gugak Center's "Wednesday Dance" : National Gugak Center Dance Company]

    According to the oral tradition, when the country was in a state of decline or a good harvest, the king called the local magistrates to hold a feast and let them dance in the presence of the Manjo White House, which was a jinso dance.

    Jinsoe Dance is the only shamanistic dance that has a royal dance element, so its dance moves are relatively elegant and flexible.
  • 2020.10.15
    Recommended music
    Heungbo is the center of pansori "Heungbo," which sings the story of Heungbo, who was poor, getting rich.

    Heungbo carefully planted the seeds that the swallow gave him, and even when the Chuseok holiday approaches, Heungbo's family, who have nothing to eat, burns the gourd to cook and eat it.

    Unexpectedly, the story is about money and rice in the first gourd, fabrics in the second gourd, and carpenters who will build houses in the third gourd come out and become rich in the morning.

    Because various situations develop rapidly, there are many dramatic transitions, and various editorials are popular with the audience due to their cute musical arrangements.
    On the other hand, this section is also known as Heungbo-batting, which is distinguished from "Nolbo-batting."

    Pansori - Jo Su Huang (Cho Su Huang)
    Gold Medal of Pansori General Department of the 32nd Dong-A Traditional Music Competition
    Pansori General, Prime Minister's Award at the 17th National Traditional Music Competition
    2018 Korean Music Award Winning 'Young Music Virtual'

    SORIBOOK - Jung Jun Ho