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5,000 Years of Korean Soul

  • 2020.1.1
    Recommended music
    The original version of "Pungmulnori" and "Taepyeongso Sinawi," was re-organized into Gugak(K-traditional) orchestral music.

    original https://youtube/w2yr09_QHUG

    The ringing of Jing was organized into a chord composed of six-part harmony. As a composer who used to analyze and create sounds that were almost harmonized from the gong, I couldn't let it go. It's a simple task, but I've waited until I've mastered the technology to do it, and I'm happy to finally do it.

    Composed by Nacco Song

    Copyrightc 2019 All Rights Reserved by Nacco Song

    * This work is made with a virtual instrument of Korean traditional music developed by Seoul National University's Arts and Sciences Center. http://catsnu.com/Main/Main.aspx

    This is Korean traditional music. Taepyongso Sinawi (Taepyongso is a wind instrument with a tone similar to Trumpet that of Western instruments, and Sinawi is type of Sonata in Western music).

    The original piece of this work is played by Taipyong-so and four percussion instruments (caled Phungmul-nori). I reconstructed it into orchestra consensus of Korean traditional instrument.

    The ring of a instrument called Jing, similar to the Gong of Western Instruments, was organised into a series of six vocalizations.

    Its a simple task, but I've waited until I've mastered the skills to do this, and I'm happy to be able to do it now.

    * This work was conducted by the Korean traditional virtual infrastructure developed by the Center for Arts & Technologies at Seoul National University. http://catsnu.com/Main/Main.aspx
  • 2021.1.1
    Recommended music
    2014 KBS Traditional Music Awards Music Award Winner
    Before the end of the night (Cho Eun-young's song)
  • 2021.1.1
    Recommended music
    Sijo is a vocal genre that sings Sijo poem with janggu accompaniment.

    ᄋ Nam Chang/Moon Hyun, Flute/Na Young Sun, Daegeum/Kim Sang Joon, Haegeum/Ko Soo Young, Jang Gu/Hong Suk Bok
  • 2021.1.2
    Recommended music
    Jeong Dae-seok's song expresses the magnificent view of sunrise.

    Through the three movements 'Dark', 'Dawn', 'Rising Sun', it evokes a visual imagination to the listeners as if he were watching the real sunrise.
  • 2021.1.3
    Recommended music
    Improvisational instrumental ensemble 'Sinawi', which is rooted in shamanic music, is a folk music that freely continues the melody of various instruments within a certain rhythm.
  • 2020.1.3
    Release date
    Icons of unconventional and transforming. Lee Hee Moon never stops challenging on stage.

    I filled the folk songs with the Joseon idol NomNom and the band Heo Song-sewol led by Noh Seok.

    Let's escape the Sabah world of pain and anguish with the OBSG !

    * Five gods: Guardian gods in charge of the five defenses.
  • 2021.1.4
    Recommended dance
    Pungryuakjimu is a representative dance that has been handed down in Yeongnam area, and is a dance that expresses the beauty of deotboegi and the natural atmosphere as an art.
  • 2021.1.5
    Recommended music
    ○ Folk song/Kim Mi-jin, Shin Hyun-joo, Shin Jin-won, Kim Young-sim
    ○ accompaniment
    - Piri/Kim sra, Daegeum/Son Ji-yeon, Haegeum/Ha Jae-won, Ajaeng/Jeong Seon-gyeom, Gayageum/Lee Eon-hwa, Geomungo/Yu Yeon-jeong, Janggu/Lee Jin-hee
  • 2021.1.5
    Recommended music
    In this video I sang the most famous piece out of all the pansori pieces that were ever made.

    'Sarang-ga' meaning 'love song' is from Chunhyang-ga.
    It features a scene where Chunhyang and Mongryong confess their love for each other.

    If you want to know what kind of music this is, watch:

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  • 2021.1.7
    Recommended music
    Lee Seok-ju's 'Taepyeongso Sinawi' is played based on the strong voice of the Southern Korea.

    It is played with melody and rhythm in the styles of Jindo.

    In general, Taepyeongso Sinawi is representative of master Han Il-seob, and this music is also his category of Sinawo music.

    ○ Lee Seok-ju of Taepyeongso, Lee Tae-baek of Kkwaenggwari, Kim Tae-young of Jangdan, and Lim Hyun-bin of Jing
  • 2022.1.8
    Broadcasting day
    The Sori Flower Troupe is a music group that attempts to expand beyond 'listening sound' to 'show sound'.

    [Top song]
    It is a newly composed song by reconstructing Pansori Heungbo, and the sound of Jinyangjo and Jungjungmori in the original song was changed to Hwimori, doubling the speed of the song.

    [Four Seasons]
    It is the sound flower version of the Danga "Sachulga." Compared to the slow and pathetic original song, Sori Flower's Sailorga is cheerful and cool.
  • 2021.1.8
    designated date
    Park Ji Na

    School of Gyeonggi-do Intangible Cultural Property No. 21 Kim Ki-bok Anseong Namsadang Pungmul Nori.
    School of Hong Ki-chul, a master of tightrope walking.
  • 2021.1.9
    Recommended music
    Pansori master Park Song-hee and his disciples
  • 2021.1.9
    Recommended music
    ○ Sori/Cho Kyung-hee, Lee Geum-mi, Kim Min-kyung, Jang Hyo-sun, Yang Myung-hee, and Lee Joo-eun
    ○ Piri/Jang Su-ho, Daegeum/Moon Jae-deok, Haegeum/Kim Seon-gu, Gayageum/Park Joon-ho, Geomungo/Lee Seon-hwa, Ajaeng/Barun, Janggo/Kang Hyung-soo
  • 2021.1.10
    Recommended music
    rumbling yum-yum-cool
    be infested with fermented soybeans
    Whose tail is it?
    kidney beans
    carved moon
    ant friends
    gobble in an ant field
    bean sprouts
    Odong Tong Hongshiya