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5,000 Years of Korean Soul

  • 2021.1.25
    Recommended music
    ♡ It is a folk song of Gangwon-do Province. Folk songs with unique sentiments in mountainous areas of Gangwon-do along with Arirang and Jeongseon Arirang in Gangwon-dobe widespread both in this country and throughout the country

    ○ Singing/Cho Kyung-hee, Lee Geum-mi, Kang Hyo-joo, Chae Soo-hyun
    ○ Flute/Lee Ho-jin, Daegeum/Won Wan-chul, haegeum/Kim Seon-gu, Gayageum/Park Jun-ho, Ajaeng/Barren, Janggu/Gang Hyung-soo
  • 2021.1.29
    Recommended music
    ♡ It is one of the folk songs of Seoul and Gyeonggi Province. It was sung during the reconstruction of Gyeongbokgung Palace at the end of the Joseon Dynasty

    ○ Folk songs/Lee Eun-hye, Kim Se-yoon, Park Min-ju
    ○ Flute/Park Ji-won, Daegeum/Ohgyo-seon, haegeum/Hwang Han-na, Ajaeng/Jin Min-jin, Gayageum/Hasora, Geomungo/Park Hye-shin, Janggu/Gang Jeong-yong
  • 2021.2.1
    Recommended music
    ♡ Gasa are a song that sings the classic Chinese classics, which were frequently read by writers in the lyrics and literature that developed during the Joseon Dynasty, in a similar voice to the songs of the song and the founder.

    Daegeum Lee Sam, Geomungo Lee O-kyu, haegeum Yoon Mun-sook, Janggu Sa Jae-seong
  • 2021.2.5
    Recommended music
    ♡ One of Korea's representative folk songs. The chorus contains the word 'Arirang'

    ○ Sound/Cho Kyung-hee, Lee Geum-mi, Kim Min-kyung, Jang Hyo-sun, Yang Myung-hee, Lee Joo-eun
    ○ Flute/Jang Su-ho, Daegeum/Moon Jae-deok, haegeum/Kim Seon-gu, Gayageum/Park Jun-ho, Geomungo/Lee Seon-hwa, Ajaeng/Baran, Janggo/Gang Hyung-soo
  • 2021.2.9
    Recommended music
    ○ Folk song/Kim Mi-jin, Shin Hyun-joo, Shin Jin-won, Kim Young-sim
    ○ accompaniment
    - Piri/Kim Sra, Daegeum/Son Ji-yeon, haegeum/Ha Jae-won, Ajaeng/Jeong Seon-gyeom, Gayageum/Lee Eon-hwa, Geomungo/Yu Yeon-jeong, Janggu/Lee Jin-hee☆
  • 2021.2.11
    Recommended music
    Ujo Isudaeyeop_ This is the most representative song among the 'Gagok' which was listed as UNESCO's World Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2010, and the 43-character poem is sung in a long breath of about 10 minutes.

    This song was widely sung in the royal court and upper-class during the late Joseon Dynasty, and it features a well-made style with orchestral accompaniment.

    Gayageum Song In-gil, Geomungo Lee O-gyu, Daegeum Kim Eung-seo, Flute Kim Kwan-hee, haegeum Kim Ki-dong, Janggu Park Moon-gyu☆
  • 2021.2.19
    Recommended music

    ○ Folk song/Kim Mi-jin, Shin Hyun-joo, Shin Jin-won, Kim Young-sim
    ○ accompaniment
    - Piri/Kimsra, Daegeum/Son Ji-yeon, haegeum/Ha Jae-won, Ajaeng/Jeong Seon-gyeom, Gayageum/Lee Eon-hwa, Geomungo/Yu Yeon-jeong, Janggu/Lee Jin-hee
  • 2021.2.22
    Recommended music
    ☆It is a new arrangement of folk song "puppet" that most Koreans have heard at their elementary school years with a cheerful yet modern feel.

    Enjoy a new-feeling of "puppet" with a subtle haegeum voice.
  • 2021.2.25
    Recommended music
    ☆[Song/Kim Kwang-sook, Yoo Ji-sook, Kim Min-kyung, Oh Se-jeong]

    Piri/Hwang Kwang-yeop, Daegeum/Won Wan-chul, haegeum/Kim Seon-gu, Gayageum/Mungyeong-ah, Ajaeng/Yoon Seo-kyung, Janggu/Jung Joon-ho
  • 2021.2.26
    Recommended music
    ☆Darangsh is a Jeju-do word for the high peak, and it is a song written for those who died namelessly and inspired by the sad history of the April 3 Incident in 1948.

    Consisting of the form of 'a-b-a', and Namdo Gyemyeonjo, Seodo Sori style, and Western phrysian mode were used.

    The beat is consistent with 9/8 beats, but it has changed its speed and rhythm, and it is a work of delicate combinations of traditional music and Western elements.
  • 2021.3.5
    Recommended music
    ○ Sori/Jo Kyung-hee/Lee Geum-mi, Piri/Jang Su-ho, haegeum/Kim Ji-hee, Gayageum/Mun Gyeong-a, Janggu/Jo Yong-bok☆
  • 2021.3.9
    Recommended music
    Ssareum is the Hwanghae-do dialect of cicada, and Ssareumtaryeong' is a song that listens to cicada and sings while thinking about his hometown.

    [Sung by/Kim Kwang-sook, Yoo Ji-sook, Kim Min-kyung]

    Janggu/Jeong Junho, Piri/Choi Kyung-man, Daegeum/Won Wan-cheol, haegeum/Kim Jung-rim, Gayageum/Park Hyun-sook
  • 2021.3.15
    Recommended music
    ☆ Song/Lee Chun-hee, Piri/Lee Ho-jin, Daegeum/Won Wan-cheol, haegeum/Kim Jung-rim, Gayageum/Mun Gyeong-ah, Ajaeng/Yoon Seo-kyung, Janggu/Jeong Joon-ho
  • 2021.3.16
    Recommended music
    ☆Jeong Bo-gwon - Winner of the 18th Park Dong-jin Pansori Master Singing and Myeonggo Competition

    Miyeon (Piano), Park Jae-cheon (Drum), Lee Myung-hoon (Daegeum), Kwak Jae-hyuk (Piri), Lee Chung-woo (Percussions), Choi Young-jin (haegeum), Kim Min-young (Gayageum), Choi Boo-mi (Keyboard), Lee Jin-hee (Guitar), Kim Yun-cheol (Bass), Chae Jae-young, Kim So-won, Jo Ara, Jung-ji (Violin), Choi Jung-wook, Chae In-young(Cello)
  • 2021.3.19
    Recommended music
    ☆Sori/Kang Hyo-joo/Chae Soo-hyun
    ○ Piri/Lee Ho-jin, Daegeum/Moon Jae-deok, haegeum/Kim Ji-hee, Gayageum/Mungyeong-ah, Janggu/Jung Joon-ho