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5,000 Years of Korean Soul

  • 2021.1.26
    Recommended music
    ♡ Ssukdaemeori is sporadic head shape.
    The most popular pansori Chunhyangga. It is the content that Chun-hyang misses Lee Do-ryeong in prison.
  • 2012.1.26
    Recommended music
    ♡ The song was sung by the singer Yu Taepyungyang (Pacific ocean) on KBS's 'Immortal Songs'.

    The original song was sung by trot singer Joo Hyun-mi, and was arranged into a song that perfectly matches Korean traditional music and trot, and sung by talented pansori singer Yoo Taepyeongyang.
  • 2021.1.27
    Recommended music
    ♡ Yu Taepyeongyang (Pacific Ocean) was born in 1992. Under the influence of his father, he spent his childhood studying Korean traditional music under Jo Tong-dal's masterpiece.

    Yoo Taepyeongyang is a Korean traditional music prodigy who mastered samulnori, ajaeng, and Gayageum even before his words were spoken, and succeeded in singing pansori "Heungbuga" when he was six years old in 1998.

    He is currently active as a member of the National Changgeuk Company.
  • 2021.2.6
    Recommended music
    This song is based on pansori Sugungga, won 1st prize for the 21C Korean Music Project in 2007 by Project Rock.

    The song is a comical reconstruction of Byuljubu's feelings, which he has never been to land to save the liver of a rabbit to cure the Dragon King's disease, to match the sentiments of a new generation.

    [Written and composed by Shim Young-seop]☆
  • 2021.2.15
    Recommended music
    ☆ Lim Hyang-nim is the granddaughter of Master Lim Bang-ul, and a singer who has worked at the National Theatre of Korea. Also, she is one of the masters of today that succeeded Gangsanje Boseongsori Chunhyang-ga, Heungbo-ga school of Park Rok-ju, and Dongchoje pansori.

    This video shows her actual performance from Dongtaryeong to Heungbo's return home from Heungbo-ga at the National Theater of Korea in 1993.
  • 2021.2.19
    Recommended music
    ☆ Yukjabaegi is a japga that reflects the characteristics of Jeolla-do music.

    As Susimga represents the western part of Korea, Yukjabaegi is loved by many people in the Jeolla-do region.

    This is because Yukujabaegi is a song that harmonizes well-organized melodies with lyrics that touch the heart.

    Originally, Yukjabaegi was a type of folk song used to be sung during field work, but it was refined by professional singers such as sadangpae and modern pansori clowns at the end of the Joseon Dynasty.

    As a result, Yukjabaegi became one of the most popular japga repertoire in the southern part of Korea.
  • 2020.2.21
    release date
    pansori "Sugungga"'s nundaemok(most prominent or interesting scene) "Tiger is Coming Down" subtly blends with the bass melody and drum rhythm.

    In line with this, members of the modern dance troupe Ambigious Dance Company shake their bodies joyfully.
  • 2021.2.25
    Recommended music
    ☆Sugungga is one of the five pansori batangs.

    When the Dragon King became ill, a terrapin came to the world to save the rabbit's liver for medicine and led the rabbit to the sea palace.

    However, the story is based on the pansori, which tells the story of a rabbit coming back to life by tricking the Dragon King. They are also called Rabbit Taryeong(Song), Byeoljubu(Terrapin) Taryeong, and Tobyeolga(Song of Rabbit and Terrapin).
  • 2021.2.29
    Recommended music
    ☆Singing the fleetingness of life, 'Baekbalga' is one of Dangas to warm up before singing pansori.
  • 2021.2.29
    Recommended music
    ☆"Gangsangpungwol" is a danga that expresses the joy of living a leisurely life by singing the scenery of a river or lake. From the last part, "Ilchon ganjang" the song is abbreviated to "Let's play as arrogant."

    Danga is a relatively short song compared to the pansori made to warm up one's throat before singing pansori. There are also dangas which has nothing to do with pansori. Most of the lyrics are about a mountain stream or an ancient events. Danga reaches about 50 kinds, but the common songs are about 20 kinds. Danga is said to be less crafty and calm.
  • 2021.3.5
    Recommended music
    ☆'Yeolsaga' is one of the created pansori that weaves the lives of great historical figures into song.

    The song was created to promote national consciousness before and after liberation. It is still a pansori that can be easily heard in Jindo area.
  • 2021.3.6
    Recommended music
    ☆This is the part of the pansori Chunhyangga, where Chunhyang, who collapsed after breaking up with Lee Mongryong, is led to the room by Hyangdan.

    Kim Yul-hee wrote the inserted song's lyrics of a short song with a ukulele in the middle of the performance.
  • 2020.3.6
    Recommended song
    Danga refers to the sound of a singer warming up his voice before making a full-fledged pansori.

    In order to make the Danga "Sachulga (Song of Four Seasons)" more accessible, it was reinterpreted with various composers to make it traditional and modern.

    Min Eun-kyung, who sang the song, is a member of the National Gugak Center and a versatile passionate singer.
  • 2021.3.8
    Recommended music
    This is a Madang-geuk(drama) version of Bbaengpa-jeon with fun Korean sounds of pansori and Gugak performed by Jeonju masters.☆
  • 2021.3.9
    Recommended music
    ☆Singing the fleetingness of life through the four seasons, 'Sachulga' is one of the short songs of 'Danga' sung to clear up the throat before singing pansori.