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5,000 Years of Korean Soul

  • 2021.7.4
    Recommended dance
    A dance in the sense of relieving weight as one of the folk dances.

    Drawing countless lines with towels is said to have originated from the struggle to relax the flesh in the first place, and as an art of defense, towel play is said to represent a pool of women.

    Jeong, Jung, and Dong, which are the characteristics of Korean traditional dance movements, are well-represented, and are representative traditional dances with the aesthetic elements of Korean dance, such as style, excitement, Han, and Tae.
  • 2021.7.5
    Recommended music
    Seowooje Sori is a Jeju folk song.

    Originally, the song was sung in Jeju Island during the exorcism of Yeongdeungpo-gut.

    In other words, it is a kind of radish.

    However, it became common and changed to a song that was sung freely as an entertainment song or while hanging steam or doing sea work.

    The editorials also include the original Yeongdeungpo-gut lyrics, and the lyrics after the transition to other activities.
  • 2021.7.6
    Recommended music
    The song is a reconstruction of "Frog Taryeong" that comes down to the sound of the sun in Gyeonggi Province, featuring an exquisite combination of three minutes and four minutes, and the frog Taryeong, which was introduced on the day, was performed in accordance with the band's music, unlike Kwak Dong-hyun's previous record.
  • 2021.7.9
    Recommended music
    The story is about Lee Mong-ryong, who became an Eosa of Chunhyangga and arrived in Namwon, visiting Chunhyang's house to meet Wolmae.
  • 2021.7.10
    Recommended music
    Composed by Choi Yoo-kyung
    Han Eun Line, a lyricist
    arranged by Kim Baek-chan
    Sing a song, Shin Seo-rin
  • 2021.7.11
    Recommended music
    a leading member of the National Gugak Center's Jeongak orchestra.
  • 2020.7.11
    Recommended music
    Manpajeongsikjigok is written as an annual music in the royal court of the Joseon Dynasty, meaning "Calm all kinds of waves".
  • 2021.7.12
    Recommended music
    The song is based on Jindo Sushi Kimgut.

    Play: Ensemble Sinawi (Taak: Jung Joon-ho)
    Ajaeng - Shin Hyun-sik / Gayageum, Sori - Kim Yang-hwa / Piano, Yanggeum - Jung Song-hee
  • 2021.7.14
    Recommended dance
    It is the basis of traditional dance, and it was passed down as a representative work of Kibang Dance Art, which expresses the beautiful form and delicacy of women's extroverts in harmony with Gyotami's harmonious techniques and dance moves.

    ○ Appearance/Ahn Sang-hwa, Seo Yeon-ju, Lee Eun-young, and Han Jung-mi
  • 2021.7.15
    Recommended music
    [Bunny's belly cuts]

    The rabbit, who entered the palace after being entangled by a housewife, deceived the Dragon King by saying that he had put out his liver in the mountains.

    The Dragon King scolds the rabbit for being unreasonable when the rabbit claims that what if there is no liver in his stomach.

    Compared to the rabbit's absurd sophistry, the dragon king's main plot is to attack the rabbit's sophistry based on the logic of righteousness and all things.


    The dragon king, who was deceived by the rabbit's lie that he left his liver in the mountains, has a feast and a feast to comfort the rabbit.
  • 2020.7.15
    Song recommendation
    It is a song made to cheer for Arirang at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

    It is impressive that Arirang, a representative folk song of Korea, has been reconstructed in his own way while maintaining the existing format.

    Yang Hye-won, who sang, is a talented young Pansori singer.
  • 2021.7.16
    Recommended music
    Janggu: Kim Duk-soo/Ajaeng: Shin Hyun-sik/Violin: Heo Hee-jung/Gayageum: Kim Yang-hwa/Piano: Jung Song-hee/Taak: Min Young-chi
  • 2021.7.19
    Recommended music
    "Jang Mong-gyu," a western book magazine called in Hwanghae Province and Pyeongan-do Province, features lyrics that give a glimpse of the times, including materialism, centering on the love story between Lee Soo-il and Shim Soon-ae.
  • 2021.7.20
    Recommended music
    Composed by Choi Yoon-young
    Choi Yoon-young, a lyricist
    Jang Woo-kyun in Arrangement
    Songs such as Kang Myung-bin, Kim Bo-mi, Park Na-ri, Lee Kyung-min, Jo Seo-yoon, and waist-sa
  • 2021.7.21
    Recommended music
    The first song on this stage, which began with a quiet long breath of '평조 다스름(Pyeongjo Dasreum)', is 'Sangryeongsan'.