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5,000 Years of Korean Soul

  • 2021.7.6
    Recommended music
    The song is a reconstruction of "Frog Taryeong" that comes down to the sound of the sun in Gyeonggi Province, featuring an exquisite combination of three minutes and four minutes, and the frog Taryeong, which was introduced on the day, was performed in accordance with the band's music, unlike Kwak Dong-hyun's previous record.
  • 2021.7.10
    Recommended music
    Composed by Choi Yoo-kyung
    Han Eun Line, a lyricist
    arranged by Kim Baek-chan
    Sing a song, Shin Seo-rin
  • 2021.7.12
    Recommended music
    The song is based on Jindo Sushi Kimgut.

    Play: Ensemble Sinawi (Taak: Jung Joon-ho)
    Ajaeng - Shin Hyun-sik / Gayageum, Sori - Kim Yang-hwa / Piano, Yanggeum - Jung Song-hee
  • 2020.7.15
    Song recommendation
    It is a song made to cheer for Arirang at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

    It is impressive that Arirang, a representative folk song of Korea, has been reconstructed in his own way while maintaining the existing format.

    Yang Hye-won, who sang, is a talented young Pansori singer.
  • 2021.7.16
    Recommended music
    Janggu: Kim Duk-soo/Ajaeng: Shin Hyun-sik/Violin: Heo Hee-jung/Gayageum: Kim Yang-hwa/Piano: Jung Song-hee/Taak: Min Young-chi
  • 2021.7.20
    Recommended music
    Composed by Choi Yoon-young
    Choi Yoon-young, a lyricist
    Jang Woo-kyun in Arrangement
    Songs such as Kang Myung-bin, Kim Bo-mi, Park Na-ri, Lee Kyung-min, Jo Seo-yoon, and waist-sa
  • 2014.7.21
    Release Date
    Goguryeo Band is a rock music band centered on Arirang, the spiritual birthplace of Korea.
  • 2021.7.22
    Recommended music
    "Jaebi" is a pure Korean word referring to professional artists who play musical instruments or sing and dance in our music, and the acoustic ensemble "Jaebi" pursues acoustic music.
  • 2021.7.26
    Recommended music
    The traditional melody of Hamyang Yangjamga, a traditional song sung while picking mulberry leaves in Hamyang, Gyeongsangnam-do, was added with jazz piano, which was a song that was reinterpreted to be more modern and accessible, combining the outstanding performance and charming sounds of the Korean traditional music.

    'Byuri Gugak Band' is a team of young musicians from North Jeolla Province who are full of passion for the preservation, succession and development of our traditional culture, and is a band that plays fusion music that combines pure traditional Korean music such as Sanjo, Jeongak, Pansori, and folk songs for the popularization of Korean music.

    'Hamyang Jamming' is the winner of the 7th 21C Korean Music Project' in 2013.
  • 2021.7.30
    Recommended music
    composed by Min Yu-ri
    a lyricist
    Jang Woo-kyun in Arrangement
    Songs such as Kang Se-ah, Kang Hyo-won, Kim Da-young, Kim Han-yul, Ahn Ho-yeon, Son Yu-ri, Hong Ji-na
  • 2020.8.10
    Recommended music
    A rising star is a neuroscopic pansori drama that is a satire of human desire to rise to the top and is produced to match contemporaryity by adding theatrical elements.

    Jeon Tae-won, Lee Eun-hee, Han Kang-woo, Lee Mi-sook and Park
    In Seung-hyun, Kim Ji-hye, Shuffle Comics Lim Dong-joo, Kim Kyung-joon

    a performer

    Jeong Hye-jin (basement) Jeong Da-woon (pyrie)
    Hwang Sang-eun (Master) Shin Seung-min (Daegeum)
  • 2021.8.10
    Recommended music
    Take a flash animation of the beautiful creative Korean traditional music that will warm your children's emotions.
  • 2020.8.20
    Recommended music
    Son Jung-hwa's third Gayageum solo concert.

    Graduated from National Gugak Middle School and National Gugak High School.
    Graduated from the Department of Traditional Korean Music at Hanyang University.
    Graduate School of Traditional Music, Hanyang University Graduate School, Master's and Doctor's degree.
  • 2021.8.20
    Recommended music
    Take a flash animation of the beautiful creative Korean traditional music that will warm your children's emotions.
  • 2020.8.30
    Recommended music
    Daolsori is the winner of the bronze medal of the 8th 21C Korean Music Project 2014.

    Daol Sori continues to discover local folk songs of Korea and present them to the world.

    (2017 Seoul Arirang Festival October 15, Gwanghwamun Square)