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5,000 Years of Korean Soul

  • 2014.12.5
    performance day
    On December 5, 2014, the "2014 Arirang Festival of Korea" was held at the National Gugak Center in Seoul.

    Ahn Sook-sun, a great singer, and jazz vocalist Ungsan sang the traditional Arirang of Jindo and Sangju together.
  • 2020.12.6
    Recommended music
    Jo Hye-ryeong Haegeum solo concert <Gayageum: Seo Eun-young, Taak: Seo Su-bok>

    Jo Won-haeng's "Jinhon" was written in memory of the late Cardinal Stephen Kim Sou-hwan.

    The last step of the world over that hill.
    You step on it and wave your hand with a bright smile.

    To shake off the fetish of life's obsession and greed.
    Welcome to the new world.

    I miss all your traces today.
  • 2020.12.6
    Recommended music
    Yeongam Arirang is an immortal masterpiece composed by Ko Bong-san and written by Baekam in 1972 and sung by singer Ha Chun-hwa. A monument was erected in Gichan Land at the foot of Wolchulsan Mountain in Yeongam in 2010.

    The song was sung by Minyo songwriter 'Lee So-na' and became very popular.
  • 2020.12.6
    Recommended music
    Kim Yu-na is a singer who wore hanbok on the Japanese stage even before the word "Korean Wave" came out.

    It was a huge success in Japan called 'Queen of Enka', which is why it is a highly recognized Korean singer in Japan.

    When I came back to Korea, I made a big hit with a song called 'Amor Fati'.
  • 2021.12.10
    Recommended music
    Lyrics / Jung Kyung Ah
    Composed / Ryu Hyung-sun
    Arrangement / Shin Chang-ryul
    Song / Kim Min Kyum
    Chorus / Sung Da-kyung Ahn Jung-ah Children's Choir at Naeson Elementary School
    Video Director / Cho Jung-rae (JO Entertainment)
  • 2020.12.12
    Recommended music
    Composed/Ryu Hyung-sun, played/created by the National Gugak Center (Gayageum/Lee Ji-hye, Choi Bo-ra, Lee Joo-in, Lee Ji-yeon, Haegeum/Saju-hyeon)
  • 2020.12.16
    Recommended music
    It is a creative song that sings about our proud and splendid cultural heritage and beautiful scenery of Korea.

    The warmth and soul of the Korean people are wrapped in the wind as if they were passing by the name of their names, shaking off all kinds of thoughts and shaking off all kinds of thoughts.
  • 2020.12.20
    Recommended music
    Take a flash animation of the beautiful creative Korean traditional music that will warm your children's emotions.
  • 2020.12.22
    Recommended music
    Arirang, which was created by Park Kyung-hoon's compositions

    A Newly Green Arirang with Today's Arirang Feeling
  • 2020.12.26
    Recommended music
    <Chimhyangmu> Chimhyangmu which means dance in a place where India's noble fragrance 'Chimhyang' is standing, is a representative song of master Hwang Byung-ki, who developed a new coordination method of gayageum and a special performance technique.

    <Forest숲 - Master Hwang Byung-ki's first solo gayageum song, which depicts various scenes about a dense forest in the summer, consisting of a total of four movements: 'Record' 'Rain''Moonlight'.
  • 2020.12.30
    Recommended music
    ♡ This beautiful creative Korean traditional music and flash animation will warm your innocence of childhood.
  • 2021.1.2
    Recommended music
    Jeong Dae-seok's song expresses the magnificent view of sunrise.

    Through the three movements 'Dark', 'Dawn', 'Rising Sun', it evokes a visual imagination to the listeners as if he were watching the real sunrise.
  • 2020.1.3
    Release date
    Icons of unconventional and transforming. Lee Hee Moon never stops challenging on stage.

    I filled the folk songs with the Joseon idol NomNom and the band Heo Song-sewol led by Noh Seok.

    Let's escape the Sabah world of pain and anguish with the OBSG !

    * Five gods: Guardian gods in charge of the five defenses.
  • 2022.1.8
    Broadcasting day
    The Sori Flower Troupe is a music group that attempts to expand beyond 'listening sound' to 'show sound'.

    [Top song]
    It is a newly composed song by reconstructing Pansori Heungbo, and the sound of Jinyangjo and Jungjungmori in the original song was changed to Hwimori, doubling the speed of the song.

    [Four Seasons]
    It is the sound flower version of the Danga "Sachulga." Compared to the slow and pathetic original song, Sori Flower's Sailorga is cheerful and cool.
  • 2021.1.10
    Recommended music
    rumbling yum-yum-cool
    be infested with fermented soybeans
    Whose tail is it?
    kidney beans
    carved moon
    ant friends
    gobble in an ant field
    bean sprouts
    Odong Tong Hongshiya