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5,000 Years of Korean Soul

  • 2021.1.26
    Recommended music
    ♡ Ssukdaemeori is sporadic head shape.
    The most popular Pansori Chunhyangga. It is the content that Chun-hyang misses Lee Do-ryeong in prison.
  • 2012.1.26
    Recommended music
    ♡ The song was sung by the singer Yu Taepyungyang (Pacific ocean) on KBS's 'Immortal Songs'.

    The original song was sung by trot singer Joo Hyun-mi, and was arranged into a song that perfectly matches Korean traditional music and trot, and sung by talented pansori singer Yoo Taepyeongyang.
  • 2021.1.27
    Recommended music
    ♡ Yu Taepyeongyang (Pacific Ocean) was born in 1992. Under the influence of his father, he spent his childhood studying Korean traditional music under Jo Tong-dal's masterpiece.

    Yoo Taepyeongyang is a Korean traditional music prodigy who mastered samulnori, ajaeng, and Gayageum even before his words were spoken, and succeeded in singing pansori "Heungbuga" when he was six years old in 1998.

    He is currently active as a member of the National Changgeuk Company.
  • 2021.1.30
    Recommended music
    ♡ The Dragon King got sick because of environmental pollution.
    When a rabbit's liver was said to be a special medicine, a turtle went up to land for catching a rabbit.
    The turtle was able to bring the rabbit to the sea palace because he lied to the rabbit that he would give him a title of a general of training.
  • 2021.2.2
    Recommended music
    ♡ Numori, named after New (nu) + Jangdan (mori), is a world music band that performs music that combines Korean traditional music and POP/ROCK.

    (Farewell )
    It is a sad song that depicts the farewell moment of an elderly couple on the last day of their lives, and plays the sad moment of their wife and husband in Goodgeori rhythm and blues.
  • 2021.2.6
    Recommended music
    This song is based on Pansori Sugungga, won 1st prize for the 21C Korean Music Project in 2007 by Project Rock.

    The song is a comical reconstruction of Byuljubu's feelings, which he has never been to land to save the liver of a rabbit to cure the Dragon King's disease, to match the sentiments of a new generation.

    [Written and composed by Shim Young-seop]☆
  • 2021.2.6
    Recommended music
    Elated Mood (Wind) - The traditional rhythm that makes us dance shoulder-to-shoulder is used to express the excitement and excitement in Donghwa's unique color.

    New Way - a song with a melody that goes with the mood in poet Yoon Dong-ju's work 'New Way' tells the story of life not always staying but finding new meaning on a new road.☆
  • 2021.2.10
    Recommended music
    A turtle, who went up to the land to find the liver of a rabbit called a special medicine to the Dragon King, who was sick due to environmental pollution, brought the rabbit to the Dragon Palace, lying that he would give the rabbit a training captain.☆
  • 2021.2.12
    Recommended music
    ☆ Collecting pieces of memory that have been broken into pieces over time.

    Is it me who tries to turn away from the truth of 'Everything is bound to be forgotten'?

    Making a picture by collecting pieces of memory one by piece, the picture that might be scattered again...
  • 2021.2.16
    Recommended music
    ☆ Hye-ryeong, a gayageum player, played the Sangsahwa of Ahn Ye-eun, the OST of the drama 'The Rebel.'
  • 2021.2.16
    Recommended music
    ☆ The wind makes the horned-holly tree dance and the branches collide with each other and sing Gwangju.

    On the middle of Yangnimsan Mountain in Yangnim-dong, Gwangju, there is a 400-year-old horned-holly tree.

    The appearance of the holly tree seems to harbor the history of Gwangju, facing various winds in one place.

    Inspired by this image, I drew it on the 25 string Gayageum.
  • 2021.2.20
    Recommended music
    ☆ a flash animation of the beautiful creative Korean traditional music that will warm your children's emotions.
  • 2020.2.21
    release date
    Pansori "Sugungga"'s nundaemok(most prominent or interesting scene) "Tiger is Coming Down" subtly blends with the bass melody and drum rhythm.

    In line with this, members of the modern dance troupe Ambigious Dance Company shake their bodies joyfully.
  • 2021.2.22
    Recommended music
    ☆It is a new arrangement of folk song "puppet" that most Koreans have heard at their elementary school years with a cheerful yet modern feel.

    Enjoy a new-feeling of "puppet" with a subtle haegeum voice.
  • 2021.2.26
    Recommended music
    ☆Darangsh is a Jeju-do word for the high peak, and it is a song written for those who died namelessly and inspired by the sad history of the April 3 Incident in 1948.

    Consisting of the form of 'a-b-a', and Namdo Gyemyeonjo, Seodo Sori style, and Western phrysian mode were used.

    The beat is consistent with 9/8 beats, but it has changed its speed and rhythm, and it is a work of delicate combinations of traditional music and Western elements.