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5,000 Years of Korean Soul

  • 2020.10.13
    Recommended music
    Choi Ok-sam (1905-1956) is the Gayageum Sanjo that was passed down to Kim Chang-jo (1865-1994).

    The Gayageum Sanjo of ChoeOkSamryu, designated as Important Intangible Cultural Property No. 23 by the first month of Hamdong in 1980, consists of Dasareum, Jinyangjo, Jungmori, Jungjungmori, Jungjungmori, Jajinmori, and Hwimori.

    The composition of the melody is well-organized and has an excellent composition and correct tone. The melody used in this production is based on the melody of pansori and Namdo-pung, and the contrast between tension and relaxation is clear, so it has a relationship between yin and yang.

    It is also characterized by the fact that the relationship between the rhythms is clear, and that they have a heavy and deep taste by refraining from expressing their feelings hastily.

    The situational style of the Choi Ok-Samryu Gayageum Sanjo requires heavy and restrained, and is generally powerful and masculine. The GayageumSanjo, the three most famous Korean traditional musical instruments currently played, takes about 50 minutes to play.

    Gayageum/Kim Hae-soOk, Ajaeng/Kim Young-gil, Janggu/Jung Hwa-young
  • 2020.9.23
    Recommended music
    [Choo Hyun Tak]

    Graduated from National Traditional Arts High School
    Graduation from Seoul National University
    Grand Prize in the 20th Ureuk Gayageum Contest
    The 37th Nangye Traditional Music Competition Grand Prize in the high school section.
    Gold Prize at the 27th Dong-A Traditional Music Competition
    The 39th National Nangye Traditional Music Contest Grand Prize in the university department.
    Gold Prize at the 31st Dong-A Traditional Music Competition
    Grand Prize in the 26th KBS Korean Music Competition