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5,000 Years of Korean Soul

  • 2921.1.15
    Recommended music
    Song/Lee Geum-mi, Chae Soo-hyun
  • 2021.1.25
    Recommended music
    ♡ It is a folk song of Gangwon-do Province. Folk songs with unique sentiments in mountainous areas of Gangwon-do along with Arirang and Jeongseon Arirang in Gangwon-dobe widespread both in this country and throughout the country

    ○ Singing/Cho Kyung-hee, Lee Geum-mi, Kang Hyo-joo, Chae Soo-hyun
    ○ Flute/Lee Ho-jin, Daegeum/Won Wan-chul, Haegeum/Kim Seon-gu, Gayageum/Park Jun-ho, Ajaeng/Barren, Janggu/Gang Hyung-soo
  • 2021.4.9
    Recommended music
    ☆"Jeongseon Arari" is a folk song in Jeongseon, Gangwon-do.

    This song always starts with Gangwon-do Arirang which is slow in rhythm, and then closely intertwines long editorials.

    It adds fun to a song by combining different melodies.
  • 2021.4.16
    Recommended music
    ☆World-caught folk song band 'Singsing' - Lee Hee-moon, Choo Da-hye, Shin Seung-tae (Sori), Jang Young-kyu (Base), Itaewon (Other), and Lee Chul-hee (Drum)