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5,000 Years of Korean Soul

  • 2021.1.25
    Recommended music
    ♡ It is a folk song of Gangwon-do Province. Folk songs with unique sentiments in mountainous areas of Gangwon-do along with Arirang and Jeongseon Arirang in Gangwon-dobe widespread both in this country and throughout the country

    ○ Singing/Cho Kyung-hee, Lee Geum-mi, Kang Hyo-joo, Chae Soo-hyun
    ○ Flute/Lee Ho-jin, Daegeum/Won Wan-chul, Haegeum/Kim Seon-gu, gayageum/Park Jun-ho, Ajaeng/Barren, Janggu/Gang Hyung-soo
  • 2021.1.27
    Recommended music
    ♡ Yu Taepyeongyang (Pacific Ocean) was born in 1992. Under the influence of his father, he spent his childhood studying Korean traditional music under Jo Tong-dal's masterpiece.

    Yoo Taepyeongyang is a Korean traditional music prodigy who mastered samulnori, ajaeng, and gayageum even before his words were spoken, and succeeded in singing pansori "Heungbuga" when he was six years old in 1998.

    He is currently active as a member of the National Changgeuk Company.
  • 2021.1.29
    Recommended music
    ♡ It is one of the folk songs of Seoul and Gyeonggi Province. It was sung during the reconstruction of Gyeongbokgung Palace at the end of the Joseon Dynasty

    ○ Folk songs/Lee Eun-hye, Kim Se-yoon, Park Min-ju
    ○ Flute/Park Ji-won, Daegeum/Ohgyo-seon, Haegeum/Hwang Han-na, Ajaeng/Jin Min-jin, gayageum/Hasora, Geomungo/Park Hye-shin, Janggu/Gang Jeong-yong
  • 2021.2.5
    Recommended music
    ♡ One of Korea's representative folk songs. The chorus contains the word 'Arirang'

    ○ Sound/Cho Kyung-hee, Lee Geum-mi, Kim Min-kyung, Jang Hyo-sun, Yang Myung-hee, Lee Joo-eun
    ○ Flute/Jang Su-ho, Daegeum/Moon Jae-deok, Haegeum/Kim Seon-gu, gayageum/Park Jun-ho, Geomungo/Lee Seon-hwa, Ajaeng/Baran, Janggo/Gang Hyung-soo
  • 2021.2.7
    Recommended music
    Chan Giparang-ga (Ode to Giparang)
    Han Obaeknyeon (About 500 years)
    Bingbing (Park Soon-ah.Park Yi-seul. Shin Hye-mi.)
    Sapidity of Gung Taryeong ☆
  • 2021.2.9
    Recommended music
    [Sorihyeon gayageum Byeongchang]

    gayageum Byeongchang(singing while playing)-dan consisting of graduates from Chung-Ang University's College of Arts.

    Park Hye-ryeon, Kim Young-ah, Kim Ji-ae, Kim Ji-sung, Kim Min-jae, Lee Ji-young, Kim Yeon-ji, Lee☆
  • 2021.2.9
    Recommended music
    ○ Folk song/Kim Mi-jin, Shin Hyun-joo, Shin Jin-won, Kim Young-sim
    ○ accompaniment
    - Piri/Kim Sra, Daegeum/Son Ji-yeon, Haegeum/Ha Jae-won, Ajaeng/Jeong Seon-gyeom, gayageum/Lee Eon-hwa, Geomungo/Yu Yeon-jeong, Janggu/Lee Jin-hee☆
  • 2021.2.11
    Recommended music
    Ujo Isudaeyeop_ This is the most representative song among the 'Gagok' which was listed as UNESCO's World Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2010, and the 43-character poem is sung in a long breath of about 10 minutes.

    This song was widely sung in the royal court and upper-class during the late Joseon Dynasty, and it features a well-made style with orchestral accompaniment.

    gayageum Song In-gil, Geomungo Lee O-gyu, Daegeum Kim Eung-seo, Flute Kim Kwan-hee, Haegeum Kim Ki-dong, Janggu Park Moon-gyu☆
  • 2021.2.12
    Recommended music
    ☆ Collecting pieces of memory that have been broken into pieces over time.

    Is it me who tries to turn away from the truth of 'Everything is bound to be forgotten'?

    Making a picture by collecting pieces of memory one by piece, the picture that might be scattered again...
  • 2021.2.13
    Recommended music
    ☆Cheolhyeongeum(CHG) was designed by Kim Young-chul, a master of Namsadangpae in the 1940s. It is played by pulling or tearing off eight iron strings with a bar.

    It has a strange sound like a combination of Geomungo, gayageum, or Western guitar.

    Yoo Kyung-hwa, who played as a geomungo player and changed her direction to CHG, is said to have accepted CHG into her destiny since then after hearing a recording of Ahn Hyang-nyeon's performance with Lim Dong-sik, a master of geomungo.

    Sin Sacheolga(New four seasons' song) is a piece of music that sings about the scenery in all four seasons, and in this performance, you can see it playing around instrumental music.
  • 2921.2.15
    Recommended music
    ᄋ Byung Chang/Lee Yoon Kyung/Shin Hyun Joo, Jang Gu/Kang Jung Yong☆
  • 2021.2.16
    Recommended music
    ☆ Hye-ryeong, a gayageum player, played the Sangsahwa of Ahn Ye-eun, the OST of the drama 'The Rebel.'
  • 2021.2.16
    Recommended music
    ☆ The wind makes the horned-holly tree dance and the branches collide with each other and sing Gwangju.

    On the middle of Yangnimsan Mountain in Yangnim-dong, Gwangju, there is a 400-year-old horned-holly tree.

    The appearance of the holly tree seems to harbor the history of Gwangju, facing various winds in one place.

    Inspired by this image, I drew it on the 25 string gayageum.
  • 2021.2.19
    Recommended music

    ○ Folk song/Kim Mi-jin, Shin Hyun-joo, Shin Jin-won, Kim Young-sim
    ○ accompaniment
    - Piri/Kimsra, Daegeum/Son Ji-yeon, Haegeum/Ha Jae-won, Ajaeng/Jeong Seon-gyeom, gayageum/Lee Eon-hwa, Geomungo/Yu Yeon-jeong, Janggu/Lee Jin-hee
  • 2021.2.25
    Recommended music
    ☆[Song/Kim Kwang-sook, Yoo Ji-sook, Kim Min-kyung, Oh Se-jeong]

    Piri/Hwang Kwang-yeop, Daegeum/Won Wan-chul, Haegeum/Kim Seon-gu, gayageum/Mungyeong-ah, Ajaeng/Yoon Seo-kyung, Janggu/Jung Joon-ho