Kim Juk-pa-ryu Gayageum Sanjo - Moon Jae-sook


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Kim Juk-pa-ryu Gayageum Sanjo - Moon Jae-sook +

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Kim Juk-pa (1911-1989), who was taught by his grandfather Kim Chang-chang (1856-1919), was passed down by his grandfather Han Seong-gi (1899-1950), his apprentice to Kim Chang-jo, forms the framework of the Kim Juk-pa-ryu Gayageum production.

Kim Ok-kyung (Kim Eun-hee, a student of Jeong Jeong-yeol) compares the characteristics of Kim Juk-pa's gayageum Sanjo, one of the most active sands currently played, with Kim So-hee (1917-1995), a half-brother of Kim Juk-pa, and once a girl's master singer, to the taste of gomguk, and the meaning of Sung Geum-yeon sancho was seasoned with the mountain.

This deep taste of Kim Juk-pa comes from his five-graft method of schizophrenia, a combination of grandiose low notes, various group changes, and colorful vocal sounds.

Meanwhile, the melody of the song is refined, woven, and composed by Kim Juk-pa, a woman for a long time, and also elaborates on Nonghyeon.