Jiyeong Hui-ryu Haegeum Sanjo - Jeongsu-nyeon


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Jiyeong Hui-ryu Haegeum Sanjo - Jeongsu-nyeon +

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Haegeumsanjo is divided into two major mountain ranges, Jiyeonghui-ryu Haegeumsanjo and Hanbeom-su-ryu Haegeumsanjo, which have recently been newly formed by Seo Yong-seok and Kim Young-jae.

Ji Young-hee took over the rhythms of Ji Yong-gu and Kim Duk-jin, who were masters of the Japanese colonial era haegeumsanjo, and tried to form a well-organized haegeumsanjo. As a result, she formed the so-called Jiyeonghui haegeumsanjo, which is delicate, curved, and light, cheerful, and fun like Gyeonggi folk songs.

Ji Young-hee (1909-1980)