Gyeonggi Ten Japsa 'Jeokbyeokga' - Kang Hyo-joo


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Gyeonggi Ten Japsa 'Jeokbyeokga' - Kang Hyo-joo +

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Many people know Jeokbyeokga as five bahtangs of pansori.

But the fact that there are red-wall streets in Gyeonggi Province! Did you know that? There are quite a few songs that have been influenced by Pansori. One of the most representative examples is Jeokbyeokga.

Twelve Japsa Jeokbyeokga sings 'Hwasongdo' among Pansori Jeokbyeokga.

"Hwa Yong-do" is a scene in which Jojo meets the Order of Merit in Hwayong-do and begs for his life, and features Gwan Un-jang (a figure who represents the heroes of the people).

Enjoy the game of singing to the accompaniment of Geomungo in a different way than Jeokbyeokga and Pansori Jeokbyeokga!