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Recommended dance
It is a traditional dance that is performed to Gayageum Sanjo.

In particular, this dance has a good tendency to dance in the Honam region, and it freely embodies the body's spirit and rhythm rather than artificial techniques or stereotyped movements.

The work is considered to be a wide range of dance in terms of creativity because it expresses human free emotions in spontaneous movements based on traditional Korean dance.

Cho Hung-dong Myungmu, who received the Sanjo dance from Kim Jin-gul as the first performance of the song, has newly choreographed the song in line with the tune of "Sanjo," a donation-linked song.

○ Appearances/Jang Min-ha, Kim Hye-ja, Lee Myung-hee, Kim Tae-eun, Lee Jung-mi, Baek Mi-jin, Park Min-ji, Cho Eun-ju, Park Kyung-soon, Park Ji-ae, Gayageum/Lee Ji-hye