Style of Kim Jukpa Gayageum Sanjo - Lee Seul-gi(Janggu; Kim Cheongman)


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Style of Kim Jukpa gayageum Sanjo - Lee Seul-gi(Janggu; Kim Cheongman) +

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☆Kim Juk-pa (1911-1989), a master craftsman from Yeongam, Jeollanam-do, was born in the late 19th century as a granddaughter of Kim Chang-jo, who first made gayageum sanjo, and learned gayageum from him, and learned pungnyu, sanjo and byeongchang(sing along with playing) from his disciple Han Seong-gi.

Later, Kim Jukpa refined the gayageum sanjo rhythms learned from his grandfather and master Han Seong-gi, and added her own melody and rhythm to complete the 55-minute-long Kim Jukpa ryu(style) gayageum Sanjo.

Kim Juk-pa ryu(style) gayageum Sanjo is characterized by a soft, stable tone and delicate and profound Nonghyeon refined over the years by a master of a woman Kim Juk-pa.

It was designated as Important Intangible Cultural Property No. 23 in 1978 as the tune currently played by the largest number of performers. Today, the performer will play using 'Gyeopcheong Johyeon Beop' that led to master Kim Juk-pa and master Moon Jae-sook.

gayageum/Lee Seulgi, Janggu/Kim Cheongman