Haegeum solo 'Darangsh' - Sa Ju-hyeon (Gayageum; Im Eun-jeong)


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Haegeum solo 'Darangsh' - Sa Ju-hyeon (gayageum; Im Eun-jeong) +

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☆Darangsh is a Jeju-do word for the high peak, and it is a song written for those who died namelessly and inspired by the sad history of the April 3 Incident in 1948.

Consisting of the form of 'a-b-a', and Namdo Gyemyeonjo, Seodo Sori style, and Western phrysian mode were used.

The beat is consistent with 9/8 beats, but it has changed its speed and rhythm, and it is a work of delicate combinations of traditional music and Western elements.