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♡ Band Gwangchil was formed in 2015 to mark the 70th anniversary of Korea's liberation from Japanese colonial rule.

The old Yellow Sea also uses music as its source, and it is agonizing over how to communicate with the public before speaking about the popularization of Gugak.

Not only are they active in various fields at home and abroad, but they are also continuing their musical experiments, including the combination of Hwanghae-do Gut and Electronic.

아나만세 오늘날에

Anamansse. Today,

anamanse oneullare

영정마누라 내받아가요

I'm your wife. I'm taking it.

yeongjeongmanura naebadagayo

천하에도영정 지하에도영정

the world and the underground.

cheonhaedoyeongjeong jihaedoyeongjeong

옥황의 영정 신선의 영정

the portrait of the Jade Emperor.

okhwangui yeongjeong sinseonui yeongjeong

영정마누라 오실 적에 해오

You should do it when you come.

yeongjeongmanura osil jeoge haeo

단 년 정유년에

in a single year

dan nyeon jeongyunyeone

달에 월색 정월달에 날에

on the moon, on the moon, on the moon, on the moon, on the moon,

dare wolsaek jeongwoldare nare

공수 스무닷새

20th Airborne birds

gongsu seumudatsae

하늘땅으로 설법의 영정

the portrait of the sermon in heaven

haneulttangeuro seolbeobui yeongjeong

인간이 생겨 복립의 영정

the portrait of a human being

inggani saenggyeo bongnibui yeongjeong

만리타국에 사신의 영정

the portrait of a messenger in the Great Littas.

mallitaguge sasinui yeongjeong

고랑 상산 본향의 영정

the portrait of the home of Gorang Sangsan.

gorang sangsan bonhyangui yeongjeong

상산수살 목신의 영정

the portrait of a monk named Sangsan Mountain.

sangsansusal moksinui yeongjeong

골로 내려 수살에도영정

Goal down, set to the arrow.

gollo naeryeo susaredoyeongjeong

터왕 터전 지신의 영정

the portrait of a native king

teowang teojeon jisinui yeongjeong

단 마루로 어사의 영정

the portrait of a person on a single floor.

dan maruro eosaui yeongjeong

굴뚝으로 구세의 영정

a chimney sweep of the old age.

gulttugeuro guseui yeongjeong

마당 전으로 벼락의 영정

the portrait of a thunderbolt before the yard

madang jeoneuro byeoragui yeongjeong

변소 간으로 칙사의 영정

the portrait of a royal edict between the toilets.

byeonso ganeuro chiksaui yeongjeong

아리던 영정 쓰리더니 영정

Aridon's portrait was bitter.

arideon yeongjeong sseurideoni yeongjeong

보채던 영정 엿보던 영정

a prying spirit. A prying portrait.

bochaedeon yeongjeong yeopbodeon yeongjeong

숨어보던 영정 넘어보던 영정

a lurking portrait of a dead man.

sumeobodeon yeongjeong neomeobodeon yeongjeong

꿈자리몽중에 비끼던 영정

a portrait in a dream

kkumjarimongjunge bikkideon yeongjeong

익은 음식에 침 채주던 영정

a portrait of a ripe food.

igeun eumsige chim chaejudeon yeongjeong

영정 마누라 내다 불고

out of respect for one's wife.

yeongjeong manura naeda bulgo

비단바람 디려나 불고

I'm not to blow

bidambaram diryeona bulgo

물결같이 살펴주고

He's looking after me like a wave.

mulgyeolgati salpyeojugo

도와를 줄때 잘 받아놔요

Take it well when you help me.

dowareul julttae jal badanwayo

드는 삼재 업 삼재요

I'm a three-time employee.

deuneun samjae eop samjaeyo

나는 삼재 재수야 삼재로

I'm a three-time veteran.

naneun samjae jaesuya samjaero

천하영정 지하영정

an underground portrait of the world.

cheonhayeongjeong jihayeongjeong

영정마누라 영정각시

Yeongjeong Manura Yeongjeonggaksi

yeongjeongmanura yeongjeonggaksi