Lee Yura - Chunchon's Euibyeong Arirang (Gangwon-do Minyo)


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Lee Yura - Chunchon's Euibyeong Arirang (Gangwon-do minyo) +

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Lee Yura is a master singer who has devoted his entire life to promoting the sound of Chuncheon's righteous army Arirang and Gangwon.

I majored in Gyeonggi folk songs and came to Gangwon-do to do Gangwon-do folk songs.

The difference between Gyeonggi folk songs and Gangwon folk songs is that Gangwon-do folk songs and Gyeonggi-do folk songs differ in tone and Gangwon-do sounds have a limit.

Gangwon Province is said to have been saddened and saddened by the sound of the sorrow and life in the mountains, which appear in geographical features.