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'Dalha' is our old word for the moon.

It is the only ballad song in the "Jang So-young" album released in 2007 that depicts the image of a woman waiting for someone alone while looking at the moon.

The sad and pathetic cry of Haegeum makes us feel sad as if we will burst the wound that has been buried in our hearts again.

해는 지고 까만하늘 나를 바라본다

The sun is setting and the black sky is looking at me.

haeneun jigo kkamanhaneul nareul barabonda

푸른 저녁 내맘 비추는 고마운 달님

Blue evening, thank you moon for shining blue evening.

pureun jeonyeok naemam bichuneun gomaun dallim

알록달록 꽃등켜면 밤빛은 땅위에

If you turn on the colorful lanterns, the night light will be on the ground.

allokdallok kkotdeungkyeomyeon bambicheun ttangwie

푸른언덕 내맘에 앉은 푸른 달님

Blue hill. Blue moon sitting in my heart.

pureuneondeok naemame anjeun pureun dallim

*우두커니 하늘보면 나를 바라본다

* When I look up in the sky, I look at me *

*udukeoni haneulbomyeon nareul barabonda

달에 미소와 나의 노여움

Smile on the moon and my anger

dare misowa naui noyeoum

눈시울 붉은 사연

Red story to cry about

nunsiul bulgeun sayeon

한낮의 고단함을 덮어주는 시원한 밤

A cool night that covers the rigors of the day.

hannajui godanhameul deopeojuneun siwonhan bam

**밤을 걸어 다시 걸어 걷고 걸어도

*Walk at night, walk again, walk again, walk again.

**bameul georeo dasi georeo geotgo georeodo

달빛은 내게 있네.. 내게 오네..

I have the moonlight. He's coming to me.

dalbicheun naege inne.. naege one..

너를 못잊어 기다려도 오지를 않네

I can't forget you. I can't wait.

neoreul mosijeo gidaryeodo ojireul anne

달빛만 내게 오늘도 오네

Only the moonlight is coming to me today.

dalbitman naege oneuldo one