Gagok(female)Ujo Isudaeyeop Budeul - Kang Sook-hyun


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Gagok(female)Ujo Isudaeyeop Budeul - Kang Sook-hyun +

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Ujo Isudaeyeop_ This is the most representative song among the 'Gagok' which was listed as UNESCO's World Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2010, and the 43-character poem is sung in a long breath of about 10 minutes.

This song was widely sung in the royal court and upper-class during the late Joseon Dynasty, and it features a well-made style with orchestral accompaniment.

gayageum Song In-gil, Geomungo Lee O-gyu, Daegeum Kim Eung-seo, Flute Kim Kwan-hee, Haegeum Kim Ki-dong, Janggu Park Moon-gyu☆

버들은 실이 되고 / 꾀꼬리는 북이 되어 / 구십(九十) 삼춘(三春)에 짜내느니 나의 시름 /

The willow [branches] have become threads,

beodeureun siri doego / kkoekkorineun bugi doeeo / gusip(九十) samchun(三春)e jjanaeneuni naui sireum /

누구서 / 녹음방초(綠陰芳草)를 승화시(勝花時)라 하든고

the oriole, a loom shuttle

nuguseo / nogeumbangcho(綠陰芳草)reul seunghwasi(勝花時)ra hadeunggo