Daegeum Sanjo of the Yi Sang Gang Myeongin


5,000 Years of Korean Soul

Daegeum Sanjo of the Yi Sang Gang Myeongin +

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[Jukhyang Isang River]

Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1937, he returned to Busan with liberation.

Having been talented in wind instruments since childhood, he started learning how to play the Danso from his father when he was five years old, followed by Lee Duk-hee, Ji Young-hee, and Jeon Chusan as his teachers and learned how to play the flute, Danso, Tungso, salt, and Taepyeongso.

He was also taught by Han Ju-hwan (1849-1925) and Park Jong-ki (1879-1963), who inherited the tune of Han Sook-gu (1849-1939), known as the founder of Daegeum Sanjo, and pioneered a new field of Daegeum Sanjo.

No.45 Important Intangible Cultural Property and Daegeum Sanjo Entertainment Owner who has devoted himself to Daegeum with a thousand years of history as part of Silla Samjuk