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Park Jong-Gi-Ryu Daegeum Sanjo - Kim Hwi-Gon +

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Park Jong-ki (1879-1947) was the founder of Daegeumsanjo.

In addition to the genius musicality, the results, which were polished with steady efforts, were united in the calculation of daegeum. His musicality has been faithfully represented in the framework of Daegeumsanjo between 1929 and early 30 years.

Park Jong-gi's Daegeumsanjo is characterized by the sound of the dune Sanjo based on pansori. This represented the two trends of Daegeumsanjo along with the Sainawi The Dune Sanjo in Gangbaekcheon Stream. In the first half of the 1900s, Park Jong-gi actively performed with many contemporary artists and participated in many music works, and the music that he played is still being delivered. Park Jong-gi's performance in various music sources shows the early appearance of Daegeum Sanjo.

Park Jong-ki's "Jinyang of Daegeumsanjo" does not use a variety of group changes, but it faithfully reveals its artistry through its rich sound and is similar to the "Pansori" flow. In Jajinmori, which shows the height of splendor, the melody of Pansori Chunhyangga 'Going to the Military Command' (Columbia 40041-B) is melted. Here, it is confirmed that Park Jong-gi's "Daegeumsan Mountain" is the "Sound The Manang Sanjo," which is deeply related to Pansori. Park Jong-gi's Daegeumsanjo continued to Han Ju-hwan and Han Beom-su, followed by Seo Yong-seok, Lee Saeng-gang and Won Jang-hyeon Daegeumsanjo, which are now being continued.

The Daegeum Sanjo, played today, is composed of Jinyang-Jungmori-Utmori, Jungmori, and Jajinmori, which were recorded in the mid-1930s, along with the off-mori melody of Park Jong-gi and Kang Tae-hong's Bong Jang-chi (Korai CM809).

○ Daegeum/Kim Hwi-gon (National Gugak Center Jeong Band), Jang Gu/An Seong-il (National Gugak Center Jeong Band)