String Chwita - 'Chwita, Jeolhwa, Gunak'


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String Chwita - 'Chwita, Jeolhwa, Gunak' +

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Chuta, Gilgunak, Giltaryeong, and other music are called Haengak, which is played during walking. Therefore, it is played mainly with wind instruments and percussion instruments. For this reason, these songs have powerful, cheerful, and vigorous music.

However, recently there has been a practice of playing stringed instruments to these music, and it has become common to see them play orchestral music instead of focusing on wind and percussion. In addition to the piri, daegeum, haegeum, janggu, as well as gayageum, geomungo, and yanggeum. The delicacy of string music makes it look different from the traditional strong and vigorous chwita.

Piri/Kim Chul/Min Ji Hong, Daegeum/Moon Eung Kwan, Kim Hwi Gon, Haegeum/Gong Kyung Jin, Han Gap Soo, Gayageum/Chae Sung Hee, Jo Yoo Hoe, Lee Yuna, Jung Ji Young, Geomungo/Yoon Seonghye, Yi Bangsil, Ko Bo-seok, Woo Min-hee (jun Danwon), Yang Geum/Kim Hyung-seop, Jang Gu/Hong Suk Bok