Senior Citizens' Day


Meaningful Days of Korean History

Senior Citizens' Day +

statutory anniversary
In 1997, the Ministry of Health and Welfare first established the Elderly's Day as a legal anniversary. Originally, Senior Citizens' Day was supposed to coincide with October 1, 1991 designated by the United Nations, but the following day, October 2, was designated as an anniversary day as 'International Senior Citizens' Day' overlapped.

It is a day to celebrate the efforts of senior citizens who have promoted the traditional customs of Korea, inherited and developed traditional culture, and to reflect on the problems of senior citizens that have emerged as a major social problem in recent years.

The Senior Citizens' Day event will be awarded medals, packages, and commendations from the president, prime minister of state, and the minister of health and welfare to people or organizations that have worked hard on the welfare of senior citizens.

In addition, Cheongnyeojang, a traditional cane made of silkworms, will be presented to senior citizens who turn 100 that year. Cheongnyeojang refers to a long-lived cane, which is made of grass called Myeongaju, which is light and hard.
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