a nationwide outbreak of cholera


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a nationwide outbreak of cholera +

Patient Occurrence Date
Since the first cholera case was reported in Busan in September 1963, the number of patients has been increasing by an average of 30 per day.

By October, more than 1,000 patients were reported across the country, of which more than 70 died. In response, the government set up a quarantine headquarters for cholera and conducted public disinfection and vaccinations.

In addition, measures were taken to block ports, close schools at various levels, ban rallies, and prohibit access to areas where patients occurred. Cholera is an infectious disease of the digestive system caused by vibrio cholera, and the main symptoms are severe vomiting and diarrhea.

According to the article at the time, not eating raw food and not drinking cold water were the first measures to prevent cholera.
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