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designated date
Dokdo Day was established by a private organization, the Dokdo Guard, to commemorate the establishment of Dokdo as a subsidiary of Ulleungdo Island on October 25, 1900 by Imperial Gojong in 2000.

Japanese textbooks claim that Dokdo is Japan's land, but Dokdo is truly Korean land, and Japan aims at Dokdo's resources and various benefits and makes a one-sided argument that is not true at all.

The fact that Dokdo is Korean territory can be found in a number of key documents related to Dokdo's sovereignty, such as Scarpin No. 677, and Dokdo can be seen from Ulleungdo, but Dokdo cannot be seen from any Japanese island. .

In addition to this, there is a lot of evidence that Dokdo is Korean territory. Japanese people are not aware of this because the Japanese government has educated students with textbooks containing false information about Dokdo.
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