First World Championships in Ssireum (Korean wrestling)


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First World Championships in Ssireum (Korean wrestling) +

The day of the competition
Ssireum is a folk game of our own with the 5,000-year history of the Korean people and is valued as a Korean cultural heritage.

Throughout its long history, ssireum, which has always been with the Korean people, was an equal movement that anyone can enjoy regardless of status.

Ssireum is our traditional technique that does not require tools and has a healthy vitality to jump over the walls between people while being barefoot.

Among the 450 players, Lee Joon-hee, Lee Bong-gul, Hong Hyun-wook, Lee Seung-sam, and Choi Wook-jin, who dominated the wrestling at the time, participated in the final of the 1st Cheonhajangsa Ssireum Competition.

Surprisingly, however, Lee Man-ki, who was 20 years old, became a man of great strength.
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