Korean Jindo Dog - Natural Monument No. 53


Meaningful Days of Korean History

Korean Jindo Dog - Natural Monument No. 53 +

Designated date
It is a representative native dog of Korea that our ancestors have been raising since long ago in Jindo-gun, Jeollanam-do.

Jindo dogs are 50 to 55cm tall for males and 45 to 50cm for females, and their heads and faces are octagonal in front of them, and their overall impression is mild.

The ears are slightly tilted forward and stand upright, and the eyes are triangular and dark yellow or gray.

The nose is almost black and has a light red color.

Jindo dogs have a bold personality and are very sensitive to smell and hearing, making them suitable for hunting.

It is also faithful and smart, and has a good nature of returning to where it lived even after going far away from where it lived, making it suitable for pets and keeping a house.

It was designated and protected as Natural Monument No. 53 on December 3, 1962.

In 1995, Jindo dogs were recognized as international protected breeding animals.
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