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a national holiday
Liberation Day was established under the National Day Act enacted on October 1, 1949 as a day to commemorate Korea's liberation from Japan in 1945 and to celebrate the establishment of the Republic of Korea government in 1948.

Every year on August 15th, the celebration is held and the Liberation Day is celebrated.
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first verse


흙 다시 만져보자 바닷물도 춤을 춘다

Touch the soil again. Sea water dances.

heuk dasi manjyeoboja badammuldo chumeul chunda

기어이 보시려던 어른님 벗님 어찌하리

What are you going to do with your grown-up friend?

gieoi bosiryeodeon eoreunnim beonnim eojjihari

이날이 사십 년 뜨거운 피 엉긴 자취니

Forty years of hot blood on this day.

inari sasip nyeon tteugeoun pi eonggin jachwini

길이길이 지키세 길이길이 지키세

Keep it long, keep it long, keep it long.

girigiri jikise girigiri jikise


second verse


꿈엔들 잊을 건가 지난 일을 잊을 건가

Are you going to forget about the past or the dream?

kkumendeul ijeul geongga jinan ireul ijeul geongga

다 같이 복을 심어 잘 가꿔 길러 하늘 닿게

Let's all plant good luck so that we can reach the sky.

da gati bogeul simeo jal gakkwo gilleo haneul dage

세계의 보람될 거룩한 빛 예서 나리니

For the holy light of the world is to be rewarded.

segyeui boramdoel georukhan bit yeseo narini

힘써 힘써 나가세 힘써 힘써 나가세

Let's go, let's go, hard work.

himsseo himsseo nagase himsseo himsseo nagase