Korea Trade Promotion Corporation (KORTA) was established in 1962


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Korea Trade Promotion Corporation (KORTA) was established in 1962 +

Date of establishment
The Korean government, which established the first five-year economic development plan, established the Korea Trade Promotion Corporation on June 21, 1962.

At that time, Korea's annual exports amounted to $57 million, with only 33 countries subject to trade.

As a public service agency for the promotion of Korean trade, it has supported quantitative expansion and qualitative development of trade in the process of leading and supporting the industry's entry into overseas markets, and supports the introduction and implementation of government trade policies.

Basic tasks such as collecting and delivering information on overseas markets, pioneering and arranging overseas markets, and overseas exhibition and promotion of Korean products are characterized by overseas-oriented features.

Since its establishment in 1962 with the simultaneous establishment of overseas trade centers in New York, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, and Bangkok, it has been expanded and reorganized with the promotion of Korean trade.

The current name is Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency.
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