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Soyang River Multi-purpose Dam Completed +

Completion date
On October 15, 1973, the completion ceremony of the Soyang River Multipurpose Dam was held in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do.

The Soyang River Dam is Korea's largest multi-purpose dam with a length of 530 meters, a height of 123 meters, and a reservoir of 2.9 billion tons, and is a four-purpose dam made of sand and gravel.

It can prevent floods and droughts in the Han River basin, supply various water, and supply power to power generation facilities built together next to the dam.

At that time, the power generation of the Soyang River Dam was about one-third of the nation's total hydroelectric power.

The construction was called the three major civil engineering works along with Gyeongbu Expressway and Seoul Subway Line 1. The construction began in 1967 and was completed in about six years.
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