Korean War, Unforgettable Wounds


Meaningful Days of Korean History

Korean War, Unforgettable Wounds +

the date of the outbreak of the Korean War
It was a war on the Korean Peninsula at dawn on June 25, 1950, when North Korean communist forces illegally Invasion from North Korea across the 38th parallel, which was the inter-Korean military demarcation line.

It is considered one of the cases in which the Cold War structure developed with the end of World War II exploded into a heated war, and it was a war that took place when Kim Il-sung invaded South Korea with the help of the Soviet Union and China.

The South Korean military withdrew Seoul in three days, but regained Seoul on September 15 due to the "Incheon Landing Operation."

The war took place for a total of 1,129 days over the three years from 1950.6.25 to 1953.7.27.
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