Korea's first newspaper, 'Hanseong Sunbo' was founded in 1883.


Meaningful Days of Korean History

Korea's first newspaper, 'Hanseong Sunbo' was founded in 1883. +

Han Sung Sun-bo's First Day
The first modern newspaper in Korea was "Hanseong Sunbo," which was published on October 31, 1883. The newspaper was published by the government organization, Park Mun-guk, but the reformers of the time aimed to promote the idea of enlightenment by promoting foreign affairs to the public.

Hanseong Sunbo was closed due to the Gabsin Coup, which took place the following year after its foundation, but it was published again on January 25, 1886, and was published until 1888.

Meanwhile, Korea's first private newspaper was the "Independence Newspaper" founded by Seo Jae-pil on April 7, 1896. The newspaper carried out the exclusive use of Hangeul and spacing, which greatly influenced the subsequent production of private newspapers.
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