President Kim Dae-jung wins the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Norway


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President Kim Dae-jung wins the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Norway +

Nobel Peace Prize Day
Kim Dae-jung (January 6, 1924-August 18, 2009), the 15th President of the Republic of Korea, attended the 2000 Nobel Peace Awards Ceremony held at Oslo City Hall, Norway on December 10, 2000 and received a Nobel Peace Prize certificate and medal. And gave the award speech. . It is the 81st Nobel Prize in the world and the first Korean to win.

About 1,300 distinguished guests, including King Harle V, King of Norway and Gunna Berger, chairman of the Nobel Committee, attended and congratulated President Kim Dae-jung's Nobel Peace Prize. .

Through the progress report, Chairman Gunna Berg explained that President Kim Dae-jung has consistently committed his life for democracy, human rights, and reconciliation and cooperation between North and South Korea. He emphasized that it is comparable to Nelson Mandela and Billy Brandt.

President Kim Dae-jung introduced the process of the inter-Korean summit in detail through his Prime Minister's speech, and human rights are universal and valid values ​​that should be protected and respected regardless of East and West, and for human rights and peace in Korea and the world, and for the reconciliation and cooperation of the Korean people in the future. I pledged to do my best.
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