King Taejo of Joseon's First King Taejo 'Lee Seong-gye'


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King Taejo of Joseon's First King Taejo 'Lee Seong-gye' +

Taejo Lee Seong-gye's Birth Day
Lee Seong-gye (October 27, 1335 (October 11, 1335) to June 18, 1408 (May 24, 1408) was the first king to be a shaman, politician, and founder of Joseon.

Lee Seong-gye became famous for his distinguished military service in the war against Japanese pirates and the Red Turban Invasion of Korea at the end of the Goryeo Dynasty. The Yuihwado Rebellion eliminated King Wu and Choe Yeong and took political and military power in one hand.

In conjunction with emerging political forces, the new dynasty 'Joseon' was founded to replace Goryeo. He was reigned for seven years from 1392 to 1398, and was succeeded by King Jeongjong, the second king, in the wake of the prince's rebellion.
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