Pure White Beauty - Joseon Baekja (White Porcelain)


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Pure White Beauty - Joseon Baekja (White Porcelain) +

designated date of national treasure
Joseon Baekja is the most widely known pottery in Korea, along with Goryeo Cheongja(celadon porcelain).

Baekja(White porcelain) and Buncheongsagi(powdered blueware) are representative ceramics of Korea. Baekja was continuously produced and used throughout the Joseon Dynasty, while Buncheongsagi were produced for 150 years.

The white porcelain, which shows the beauty of purity and moderation, was used by new Dynasty and the noblity who pursued Confucian philosophy, so it contains their thoughts and preferences.

The Baekja of National Treasure No. 258 is considered one of the most representative white porcelain bottles of the time in a state in which the bold and tasteful pictures of bamboo show the spirit of the Sunbi people at that time.
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