Trade Day


Meaningful Days of Korean History

Trade Day +

statutory anniversary
It is a legal anniversary established to strengthen the balanced development of trade and the will to enter trade.

In commemoration of November 30, 1964, when Korea first achieved $100 million in exports, the day was designated as 'Export Day' and held an annual anniversary event. Since 1990, it was renamed 'Trade Day' in accordance with the regulations on various anniversaries.

On December 5, 2011, to commemorate Korea's achievement of $1 trillion in trade volume for the ninth time in the world, the country changed 'Trade Day' to December 5, 2012.

At the ceremony, gold, silver, and bronze medals, industrial packaging, commendations from the president, prime minister, minister of industry and energy, and chairman of the Korea International Trade Association will be given to companies and organizations according to their export performance.
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